How To Turn Junk Into Gorgeous Furniture

Don’t throw your old tired furniture out, give it a new lease of life and make something new out of it. From lamps made from fans and mirrors made from tennis rackets there is a new use for everything.

Take a look at the upcycled furniture projects below…

Turn An Old Head Board Into A Shelf – A cool way to re-use an old headboard.

Upcycling Ideas For A Wood Cabin – This post is great inspiration for upcycling and reusing old furniture and objects.

Re-use An Old Wine Barrel To Make A Fire Pit – This impressive fire pit would heat up any back yard in the cold months.

Create A Headboard From Old Shutters – This DIY can transform a bedroom’s look and feel.

Create A Stylish Lamp From An Old Fan – A retro DIY which oozes style.

Make A Mirror From An Old Tennis Racket – A cool way of creating a pretty mirror and a wall feature.

Create A Pallet Backed Book Case – Grab some old pallets and make your bookshelf look this good.

What To Make From An Old Baby Crib – Get some inspiration for re-using an old crib that may be wasted up in your loft.

Make A Coat Rack From Old Shutters – Make use of the old shutters lying in your garage and make them into a stylish yet practical coat hanger.

Salvage A Door To Make A Coffee Table – A rustic coffee table doesn’t have to cost a fortune, follow this DIY and you will see for your self.

Make A Tired Old Table Into A Corked Topped Craft Table – Why not create a beautiful place to craft beautiful things.

Create A New Potting Bench From Old Pallets – Follow this tutorial and you have a beautiful, functional potting bench in no time.

Turn An Old Dresser Into A Clever TV Console – This old dresser is transformed and given a new lease of life through these simple steps.

Give Your Chairs A Makeover – Turn a boring chair into a funky one with this cool design idea.

Create An Upholstered Ottoman From An Old Coffee Table – Turn a tired coffee table into a stylish homely Ottoman with some fabric of your choice and a few simple instructions.

Turn 4 Average Chairs Into A Corner Bench – A great idea creating a bench from several old tired chairs.

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