Cheap Ways to DIY Your Wedding Decor

If you’ve just gotten engaged, the price tag on a wedding can be pretty daunting. With more and more couples paying for their own weddings, finding great ways to get an elegant look for an inexpensive price is more important than ever.

While it’s tempting to buy all of your decorations, finding a great, easy DIY project can get you the same look for so much less. When the wedding is over, donate or sell your pieces–you may even end up making back what you spent making them!

Regardless of your style or theme, you’re sure to love these amazing ideas–larger pieces are under $20 dollars, while smaller projects can be made for less than $5, and out of materials you can find at a dollar store!

DIY Floral Centerpiece – This is a really simple project that requires a glass candlestick, a glass vase, river rocks, and your floral arrangement of choice. Using a clear-drying industrial glue, attach the candlestick to the vase, then fill the vase with river rocks and your arrangement. Simple!

Dyed Rose Petals – While the packages of silken rose petals available at dollar stores and craft stores are typically only sold in white, you can easily and quickly dye large quantities of them to match your decor!

Rustic Cake Stand – For a country or rustic wedding, you can make a quick and easy cake stand out of a wooden plaque and a thick part of a branch from your own backyard. Add the cake and a silk flower to the edge to add feminine flair.

Beaded Chandelier – This lovely, unique chandelier is constructed from a wire hanging basket and packages of beaded necklaces. Add icicle lights to really set your evening event aglow!

DIY 4 Tier Dessert Stand – Using plates and glass candleholders from the dollar store, you can create tiered dessert stands to dress up your dessert table. Cupcakes, candies, this look can handle it all.

DIY Handwritten Plates – Purchase a pack of simple white plates, then use sharpie to write a poem or your vows on it. Let it dry, then bake in the oven to set your text and make it dishwasher safe. A beautiful momento for your wedding!

Wallpaper-Wrapped Chocolates – Buy a bulk order of miniature candy bars, remove the paper wrappers, and replace them with sleeves made from wallpaper. Add a bit of glitter glue to add sparkle.

DIY Star Garland – This garland is really easy to make. Just cut out your stars on sturdy paper and sew together using a sewing machine. Glitter and glamor are the name of the game with this decoration!

Monogrammed Glassware – Did you know you can order glassware from the dollar store in bulk? Order as many glasses as you need, then use etching cream and stickers to monogram your glasses to give away as favors!

DIY Noisemakers – Buy a large package of those tacky noisemakers and remove the offending paper cone. Replace the cone with one made from a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper.

Monogrammed Bouquet Wraps – Using rhinestones from the dollar store, create personalized bouquet wraps for all the ladies in the bridal party.

Bon-Bon Twinkies – Using packages of miniature Twinkies, create tiny chocolate-dipped treats to display on your new dessert stand!

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