Colorful Nail Polish Crafts

1. Nail polish marbles

Craft Klatch

2. Marbled nail polish bowls

Gathering Beauty

3. Polished wire hair clips

Get Crafty

4. Marbled polish shot glasses

Huffington Post

5. Marbled nail polish mugs

Domestic Fashionista

6. Marbled polish jewelry box

Brit + Co.

7. Marbled polish drawer knobs

The Pink Doormat,

8. Nail polish and glass stone coasters

Craft Klatch

9. Wire and nail polish flowers


10. Washer and nail polish Mickey Mouse necklace

Holly’s Art Corner

11. Foam and thumb tack dragon’s egg

The Adorned Claw

12. Sparkle polished hair clips

Kraft Mint

13. Upcycled polished lockets

Burlap and Blue

14. Nail polish marbled picture frame

The Geeky Southerner

15. Simple coloured bobby pins

Lines Across

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