Cool Crafts to Make With Paper Clips

1. Heart-shaped page markers

(Source: How About Orange)

2. Heart-shaped paper clip earrings

(Source: Pitter and Glink)

3. Beaded paper clip ring

(Source: Snazzle Craft)

4. Paper clip chain necklace

(Source: The Joy of Fashion)

5. Paper clip spiral bracelet

(Source: Craftster)

6. Paper clip and tape necklace

(Source: How About Orange)

7. Paper clip chain bracelet with paper beads

(Source: I Love Paper Beads)

8. Paper clip name card holders

(Source: Earnest Home Co)

9. Paper clip spiral earrings

(Source: Morning Creativity)

10. Paper clip angel decoration

(Source: The Crafty Mummy)

11. Paper clip and magnet ice skater

(Source: Small World Land)

12. Beaded paper clip markers

(Source: Think Crafts)

13. Paper clip wine glass markers

(Source: Replayground)

14. Paper clip and button daisy

(Source: Damask Love)

15. Paper clip Christmas cards

(Source: Paper Plates and Planes)

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