Cool DIY Projects For People Who Suck At DIY

1. Fall candles


This super easy DIY doesn’t require any crazy power tools (phew). Heck, your fine motor skills can be a bit off and it’ll turn out OK. Get the full directions here.

2. Dotted mug


You don’t have to color inside the lines. You don’t have to stencil anything yourself. You just make dots around a sticker — we can handle that, right?! Get the full directions here.

3. Painted Mason jars


If you can paint your fingernails with your left hand, you can do this. Just paint the glass Mason jar and then sand it down to make the lettering stand out. Get the full directions here.

4. Colored shoes


Finally. You can color on your shoes without your parents yelling at you. All you need for this project is a sharpie and an imagination! Get the simple steps here.

5. Wine cork decoration


As long as you make these BEFORE the wine and not after, you should be good. Get the full directions here.

6. Colorful firepit


Spray paint some bricks and stack them lego-style. Of course make sure you have gravel, sand, or some other inflammable base — you want to spruce up your backyard, not burn it down. Get the full instructions here.

7. Infinity scarf


All you need for this project is an old T-shirt (preferably not one you borrowed from a friend) and a pair of scissors! See the full instructions here.

8. Rope decoration


All you have to do is put a rope inside a bowl and BAM — you have a stylish and nautical decoration. I hope you don’t need directions for this one, but just in case.

9. Painted vases


Playing with paint is super fun and can add some color to your place. Pour some paint inside glass vases, swirl it around, let it dry, and voila! Get the directions here.

10. Colorful cup lights


Buy some cute (probably not Dora The Explorer themed) bathroom cups, poke a hole in the bottom, and insert your Christmas lights. This creates a colorful glow. However, this one might be a potential fire hazard so turn em’ off when you leave the room. Full directions here.

11. Blanket ladder


Step one: lean ladder against wall. Step two: put blankets on ladder. You got this. More directions here.

12. Gold and solid colored canvas


“Ooh I love that piece, who’s it by?”
“Oh… you wouldn’t know them.”
Impress your friends for a next-to-nothing price. All you need is a solid base color and bright gold or silver acrylic paint. Get the directions here.

13. Nail polish keys


The days of fumbling looking for the right key are over. All you need is a bright nail polish, your key, and 5 minutes of patience so they can dry. Get more directions here.

14. Sprinkle ornaments


This could be a fun project to do with your littles ones, or even just by yourself. Check out further instructions here.

15. Paper flowers


This will bring you back to your paper mache days (also when “paper mache” was a verb you used regularly). Get the full directions for this super easy project here.

16. Wooden coat rack


Who knew and old piece of wood and some branches could look so cool? This piece has a rustic feel and a margin for error (you can kind of just nail the branches in wherever). Check it out here.

17. Makeshift sprinkler


Why go out and buy a sprinkler when you have an empty 2-liter bottle in the house? This super easy hack will make you look like the most innovative person on the block. Get the directions here.

18. Colored water centerpiece


For this DIY all you have to do is place one vase inside the other, add colored water, a candle, and you’ll have the perfect centerpiece. See the full instructions here.

19. Scrabble coasters


The hardest part of this project will be thinking of clever four-letter combos for your coasters. Get the full directions here.

20. Orange body butter


This simple recipe is as easy a baking a cake — maybe easier because there is no actual cooking involved. Get the full recipe here.

21. Lightbulb vase


All you have to do is rinse out an old glass light bulb, fill it with water, and add flowers. To keep it upright simply place it inside a napkin holder or something similar. Get the full directions here.

22. Duct tape ghost shirt


Who said you can’t make your own Halloween costumes? All you need for this project is some black duct tape and a white T-shirt! See the full instructions here.

23. Watercolor Mirrors


Adding color stain to your mirrors can add some fun to your place. As an added bonus, every time you look at yourself in the mirror you’ll remember that you conquered a DIY project. See the full instructions here.

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