Cool Floral Paper Quilling Projects

1. Simple quilled petals

The Crafty Angels

2. Dual coloured flower with a raised centre

Discover Quilling

3. Pointed petal flower with a triple centre

Creative Paper

4. Comb flower with a pearled centre

The Crafty Angels

5. Quilled flower with mini spiralled petals

Creative Paper

6. Quilled sunflowers with button middles

The Crafty Angels.

7. Cross cut quilled flowers

AV Visuals

8. Multi-layered teardrop petals

My Crafts

9. Cut, layered, and quilled flowers


10. Tightly quilled flower buds

AV Visuals

11. Solidly layered quilled pansies

Creative Paper

12. Ombre layered quilled roses

Azlina Abdul

13. 3D quilled daisy

My Crafts.

14. Quilled paper floral earrings

Jewel Gleam

15. Springy petals with a cross cut centre

Creative Paper

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