Cool Ideas To Refashion Your Old Jeans

1. Bleached Aztec Style Jeans, Source and tutorial via

2. Easy Tie Dye Jeans, Source :

3. Paint Splattered Jeans, SOURCE :

4. Denim Corset Belt via

5.Old Jeans into Vest via Style-boulevard.

6. Lace Bottom Jeans, SOURCE:

7. Palm Tree Print Jeans, SOURCE :

8. Recycled Denim Corset, tutorial by Cutoutandkeep.

9. DIY Distressed Jeans, SOURCE :

10. American Flag Jeans, SOURCE :

11. Crocheted Cutoffs, tutorial by Goldfishkiss.

12. DIY Studded Cuff Jeans, SOURCE :

13. DIY Studded Cuff Jeans Alternative, SOURCE:

14. Boot Cut Jeans Turned Into Skinny Jeans, SOURCE:

15. Patchwork Jeans, SOURCE:

16. DIY Lacey Jeans, SOURCE:

17. Distressed Stained Jeans, SOURCE:

18. Polkadot Boyfriend Jeans, SOURCE :

19. DIY Ripped Jeans, SOURCE:

20. Sharpie Lace Printed Jeans, Source :

21. DIY Dotty Jeans, SOURCE :

22. Turn Old Jeans into Skirt via

23. Layered lace skirt from old jeans, tutorial via Mirtesen.

24. Lace tights underneath ripped jeans via Ilbe.

25. Upside Down Jeans Dress

First, undoing the inside seam and the one uniting the crotch. Then use the scissors to cut down the inside angle that normally covers the inside area in between your legs. You also need to undo the exterior seam from the bottom up of each crotch for the armpit area of your dress. Try the pants on like a dress, upside down, fixate it with some bobby pins, and start sewing with the sewing machine. Look at the pictures for more details.

26. Ripped jeans

First mark the areas where you want the holes to be. Then make the scissors and start cutting out horizontal slits on the marked spots. and pull the threads and use a needle to loosen them up. Remove how many horizontal threads do you want and create the model of your choice then pull out all the blue vertical threads. Wash your jeans so the holes look more natural and you are done!

Photo via alamella.

Here are 10 more ways to refashion those old jeans (picture tutorial):

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