Cool Ways To Repurpose Tennis Balls

If you have some old tennis balls that aren’t really in use anymore, there are a few clever ways for you to repurpose them and use them in interesting ways that will not only help you, but the environment too.

1. Tennis Ball Garland

Anna Nimmity.

2. Tennis Ball Holder 


3. Tennis Ball Ornament 

Miss Molly Says

4. Tennis Ball Bath Bomb 

Mommy Savers.

5. Tennis Ball Wreath 

Anna Nimmity

6. Tennis Ball Place Card Holder 

Polka Dot Made!

7. Tennis Ball Puppets 

My Life With Littles

8. Tennis Ball Scented Dryer Balls 

Mom 4 Real

9. Tennis Ball Mike Wazowski 


10. Tennis Ball Teddy Bear 


11. Tennis Ball Hanging Planter 

The Homesteady‘s

12. Tennis Ball Headband 

Dukes & Duchesses.

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