Creative DIY Gift Ideas

Do you ever have a hard time finding a gift for that special someone? Check out the ideas below because we found some great gifts for those hard-to-shop for folks in your life.

1. Fun candy bar bouquet:

2. Something similar but with suckers:

3. Photo collaged monogram:

4. Use money as wrapping paper!

5. Unique ornament idea to fill with dip mixes:

6. Make your own bath bombs:

7. You can also make your own body butter:

8. Homemade slime that cleans:

9. DIY coffee bean soap that smells heavenly:

10. DIY glitter drink cup:

11. Crafty coasters made from Scrabble tiles:

12. Homemade coconut sugar scrub:

13. Easy to create elastic bookmarks:

14. Make this magic fairy tale bottle:

15. Creative recipe ring idea:

16. Charming framed Scrabble tiles:

17. Homemade bubble bath with Victoria style label:

18. Homemade orange extract:

19. Fun and playful photo bookmarks:

20. Cute knitted soap socks:

21. Check out this liquor bouqet!

22. Fun DIY mason jar candles:

23. Mini personalized memory bottle:

24. Personalized Mommy Surival kit:

25. Personalized DIY casserole dish:

26. Monogrammed journal idea:

27. Or how about this monogrammed soap bottle:

28. These fancy Oreos can make a cute gift:

29. Turn a cutting board into a personalized gift:

30. Gorgeous photo pendants or magnets that are easy to make:

31. Make these aged photo tile coasters:

32. Fun but easy stocking stuffer:

33. Monogrammed mug with just a Sharpie:

34. Adorable pull-out photo album:

35. Top secret book compartment!

36. Create this easy to personalize gift in a cup:

37. How about S’mores in a mug:

38. DIY garden stepping stones:

39. Cute mittens made from old sweaters:

40. Succulents in a personalized tea cup:

41. Perfect for the literary fan in your life:

42. Cute reindeer wrapping idea:

43. A creative way to send someone a hug!

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