Cute DIY Sewing Projects Tutorials

1 Hooded Baby Towel


Hooded Baby Towel: A luxurious hooded baby towel is a great gift for an expecting or new mom. Its big bang for your buck. Be sure to coordinate your towel to the nursery or family bathroom. If you’re fee (via Pretty Prudent)

2 Pillowcase Nightgowns


Pillowcase Nightgowns: I don’t know whether you remember one of my very first posts on this blog, but I made Emily a bunch of pillowcase nightgowns. Well, Emily is now growing out of those cute nightgowns, so I knew it was time to make some more. Recently, I came across this picture on (via iCandy Handmade)

3 Maxi Dress


Maxi Dress: A quick and easy girls maxi dress tutorial. (Gracie’s Must Have Summer Maxi Dress) (via Simple Simon and Company)

4 Reversible Baby Vest


Reversible Baby Vest: Our friend Carol Van Zandt sent over her gorgeous first fabric collection, Tokyo Rococo, and while most of the collection is beautiful bold florals, this male-friendly coordinate inspired me to sew (via Pretty Prudent)

5 Onesie Bubble Dress


Onesie Bubble Dress: Its that time again. Ive been digging through my kiddos drawers and finding the too small items that need to be weeded out and then deciding what needs to be donated and what can be.salvaged. And well, babies always seem to have plenty of onesies that get a little snug in the length (via Make It and Love It)

6 Sweet Cotton Onesie


Sweet Cotton Onesie: How adorable is this little cotton onesie? Emily from Savvy Stitch made it and I just had to share it with you! I know we have lots of Australian readers basking in the sunshine right now who would (via Pretty Prudent)

7 Modern Baby Bootie


Modern Baby Bootie: WOW! I won the second round of SYTYC with these Modern Baby Booties! THANKS to everyone who voted for me!!!! There were so many great crafts this round! Here is my entry and the tutorial… One of my favorite baby gifts to give a new mom is a pair of Modern Baby Booties! New moms often receive outfits as gifts for their babies and nothing completes an outfit like a cute pair of shoes! These booties are lined and have a faux suede sole. They are super soft and comfortable for babies feet! Here is how I made them! *… (via Tao Of Craft)

8 T-Shirt Baby Shortall


T-Shirt Baby Shortall (via Feather’s Flights)

9 Scallop Yoke


Scallop Yoke (via hart and sew)

10 Jersey Baby Dress


Jersey Baby Dress: Earlier this week we gave a primer on sewing with knits in our post How to Sew Knit Fabrics: Sewing With Jersey 101. Now we are going to share a free pattern for a knit dress and do a tutorial on h (via Pretty Prudent)

11 The Shirt Dress


The Shirt Dress (via Made)

12 Sun Hat


Sun Hat: Its summer (almost)! Time to protect baby heads from melanoma and what-not. I whipped up a little summer hat and created a pattern for you. Isn’t that fabric the cute (via Pretty Prudent)

13 Drawstring Waist


Drawstring Waist (via Craftiness is Not Optional)

14 Turn any T-Shirt into a Sundress


Turn any T-Shirt into a Sundress: I cleaned out my closet this weekend, woo hoo! In the process I dug up a bunch of old tees, including an adorable t-shirt that hasn’t fit quite right since pregnancy. And so, a new sundress w (via Pretty Prudent)

15 Square Circle Skirt


Square Circle Skirt: How has your post-Halloween sugar detox been going? I know, I have posted a trillion Halloween related posts/comments/updates this year. And here I go again, asking how it all wrapped up for you. Whew, are those of you who could care less about Halloween so happy that holiday is over?!! 😉 Onto something non-holiday (via Make It and Love It)

16 Shirt Baby Romper


Shirt Baby Romper (via Feather’s Flights)

17 Easy Shamrock Leggings


Easy Shamrock Leggings: This easy shamrock leggings tutorial is the perfect way to make a basic pair of leggings into something special for St Patrick’s day this year. (via Make It and Love It)

18 Onesie Cardigan


Onesie Cardigan (via Feather’s Flights)

19 Infant Peasant Dress


Infant Peasant Dress: This free infant peasant dress pattern is perfect for any baby girl and is easy and quick to make! Make a handful of darling dresses in no time! (via Sew Much Ado)

20 Baby Betsy Ross Dress


Baby Betsy Ross Dress: In case you missed it, this was a guest post last week for the Sewlebrity Crush series at Family Ever After. Today Im going to show you how I made my nieces 4th of July Dress, the Baby Betsy Ross. I started with a thrifted men’s t-shirt, a package of bias tape, a scrap of Read the Rest… (via Melly Sews)

21 Scallop Skirt Tutorial with Glow In The Dark Embroidery


Scallop Skirt Tutorial with Glow In The Dark Embroidery: We picked up some glow in the dark thread and this cute owl pattern this weekend and planned to make this simple elastic waist skirt for Fall. As a little twist on the standard, we scalloped the bo (via Pretty Prudent)

22 Layered Skirt


Layered Skirt (via Made)

23 Sew a Romper with a Zipper


Sew a Romper with a Zipper: I love rompers. I mean, I am that adult that totally would wear them all day everyday. But alas, this one is for Scarlet. I’m totally going to make myself one soon. Learn how to sew a romper (via Pretty Prudent)

24 Tabby Pocket Shorts


Tabby Pocket Shorts: Jude is finishing up school this week, which has been a little busier than I thought so there wasn’t a tutorial yesterday, and with summer here things may get a little spotty, but we will still finish up the boys summer collection. Today is one of my favorite pieces. (ok I say that a lot) (via Shwin and Shwin)

25 Ruffled Keyhole Shirt


Ruffled Keyhole Shirt: I never seem to get tired of finding new sewing tutorials for little girl clothing. How could I when there are so many creative ideas to choose from? One of my favorites is this Ruffled Keyhole Shi (via Pretty Prudent)

26 Ruffled Bloomers


Ruffled Bloomers: Me Sew Crazy Blog (via Me Sew Crazy)

27 Harmony Dress


Harmony Dress: When I saw Source: I just knew I needed to make a little girls version. So I got to work. For starters, I am a knit/jersey hater. At least to sew on. Until I conquered the fear with this project. Why the fear? Because almost every knit project I have ever attempted has resulted(…) (via iCandy handmade)

28 Snappy Toddler Top


Snappy Toddler Top: I often make things that don’t turn out as planned and never make it to the pages of PB, then gulp a glass of champagne, send Jacinda numerous whiny emails, and stew over the wasted time and (via Pretty Prudent)

29 Racerback Dress


Racerback Dress: Free racerback dress PDF pattern and tutorial (via crafterhours)

30 Engineer Cap


Engineer Cap (via Aesthetic Nest)

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