Delicious DIY Ice Cream Recipes

1. Blueberry cream cheese ice cream

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Have you always been a huge fan of cream cheese based treats, like cream cheese icing on carrot cakes or red velvet cupcakes? Then Epicurious definitely has the flavour for you! This recipe shows you how to create the perfect blend of ice cream, cream cheese, and juicy blueberries for an irresistible cool snack.

2. Vanilla bean ice cream

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Are you the kind of person who would pick a simple, classic flavour over something fancy and unique just about ever time? Then you can’t go wrong with this traditional vanilla bean ice cream recipe! Find all the steps for making it on The Pioneer Woman.

3. Rhubarb and ricotta ice cream

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Perhaps you’re looking for a flavour that’s a little more unique and gourmet, and that you probably wouldn’t find in your average ice cream shop? Check out this tart rhubarb and ricotta recipe from A Beautiful Mess! We’re willing to bed that you’ll want to try it more than once.

4. Homemade almond joy ice cream

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When you do make it out to an ice cream shop, are you a sucker for a big, cold scoop of almond joy ice cream just about every time? Well, you can make that delicious flavour at home too! Mom Time Out shows you exactly how it’s done, and our mouths are watering just reading about it.

5. Halloween ice cream flavours

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Okay, let’s not pretend that summertime is the only time of year that we ever eat ice cream. There are plenty of reasons to get the scoop out any time of year! Bigger, Bolder Baking reminds you that Halloween is definitely one of those times, and you won’t believe the hilarious, delicious, and totally gross looking recipe ideas they have for spooky ice cream treats.

6. Soda pop ice cream

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Did you even know that making ice cream out of your favourite kind of pop was even possible? We sure didn’t! That’s why we’re so thankful to The Farmer’s Nest for showing us how to make this bright treat from Sunkist! The type of pop you use doesn’t matter, so pick whatever kind you like best.

7. Buttered popcorn ice cream

07-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

Are you a huge fan of novelty combination foods, like cronuts or pulled pork cinnamon buns? We are too, and so is Clockwork Lemon! When it comes to novelty ice cream, we’re not sure you’ll be able to beat this buttered popcorn recipe if sweet and salty combinations are your particular favourite.

8. Champagne sorbet with red currant syrup

08-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

Are you looking for something a little more classy and gourmet to serve at a formal occasion or other adult party, while still giving your guests a fun ice cream treat? Check out this red currant and champagne recipe from Tartelette! It’s surprisingly easy to make and completely unique to taste.

9. Carrot cake ice cream

09-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

One of the best parts about eating ice cream is that you an make it taste like just about any other delicious sweet or baked treat. Natural Noshing making it taste like freshly baked carrot cake! This recipe is the perfect flavourful combination of sweet creaminess, nuts, cinnamon spice, and standout coconut flavour!

10. Plum frozen yogurt

10-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

If you’re looking for a slightly healthier alternative to ice cream while still treating yourself to something cold and sweet, try making your own frozen yogurt instead! We love this unique plum flavoured idea from Passionate About Baking, and we’re pretty sure it’s not a taste experience you’ll ever find at Dairy Queen.

11. Honey and toasted nutmeg ice cream

11-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

Sometimes all you need to amp up the natural sweetness of regular ice cream is a little touch of flavour and a tad of extra sweetness, rather than a solid flavour. Seven Spoons shows you how to make just that type of subtly delicious ice cream with this creamy honey and nutmeg recipe.

12. Huckleberry ice cream

12-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

Are you looking for an ice cream flavour that truly hearkens back to your long summer days at the cottage as a kid, running through the woods and picking juicy berries right off the bushes? Country Living has just what you need! Check out this deliciously easy to make huckleberry recipe that will take you right back to those precious afternoons.

13. Taffy apple

13-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

Are you the kind of person who loves ice cream, but actually loves ice cream toppings even more? There’s nothing wrong with using a simple ice cream flavour as a vehicle for things like apples and taffy or sticky caramel sauce! Check out how it’s done on BHG.

14. Pear ginger ice cream

14-Homemade-Ice Cream-Recipes

Sometimes unique flavour combinations are the most delicious when they’re a little more subtle than, say, ice cream and popcorn. If you’d like a novelty flavour combo experience without really shocking your taste buds, try something like this peach and ginger ice cream recipe from BHG instead!

15. Coconut avocado ice cream

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