Awesome Empty Cereal Boxes Crafts

1. Carrot

The carrot leaves are actually edible. Many people use them as garnish, like parsley. If you want to get them, just need to regrow the discarded carrot tops. Put carrot tops in a shallow saucer filled with water, and place the saucer in a room that is well-lit. About a couple of days, the carrot tops will sprout.Visit full tutorial —-> projectfidgetyfingers


2. Basil

Want to have an endless supply of basil? The good news is you can regrow them from basil cuttings. Put basil stems about 4 inchs long in a glass of water and leave in a sunny spot. When the roots are around 2-inches long then transfer them to pots filled with potting compost.Visit full tutorial  —->


3. Garlic sprouts

How to deal with those garlic cloves that are sprouting? Maybe you can grow garlic sprouts from a garlic clove. Garlic sprouts are very mild in flavor. They can be added to pasta, salads and other delicious dishes. They are easy to grow. Just put the sprouted garlic cloves into a container with a little water, and keep it in your kitchen window. Visit full tutorial  —->


4. Lettuce, cabbage, celery, and bok choy

Put the bottom of a head of lettuce in half inch of water for a few days. Once fresh leaves and roots appear, you can transplant it to soil. This easy way is also suitable for cabbage, celery, and bok choi.Visit full tutorial —->




Tutorial  —-> Grow celery from the end of the stalk


Tutorial  —-> How to regrowing bok choy

5. Scallions, fennel, and leeks

Select fresh scallions and cut off an inch from the roots and then put them in a glass of water. Place them on a windowsill where it is well-lit. Regrowing fennel and leeks is very similar to the scallions. Visit full tutorial  —->


6. Sweet potato

Place a sweet potato in a jar of water and place it in sunlight. When the sweet potato has send out sprouts, then you can pull them off the sweet potato and plant them in a pot with soil. Visit full tutorial  —->


7. An easy way to grow your own tomatoes

Visit full tutorial  —->


8. How to grow sprouted onions

Visit full tutorial  —->


Visit full tutorial  —->


9. Growing Ginger Roots from the Grocery Store

Visit full tutorial  —->


10. You can regrow lemongrass by putting the lemongrass stalks in water.

Visit full tutorial  —->


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