DIY Dog Treats Your Pooch Will Love

Giving your dog a treat now and again is a great way to reward good behavior and show them your love. Most of us with dogs will know just how much they love to eat! And with this in mind, we thought we would share these incredible recipes for dog treats you can make at home.

Forget those expensive, chemical filled treats at the stores and get baking with these natural homemade alternatives which are all nutritious and healthy for your pet!

To start with, how about this a super simple boredom buster…in the form of a massive ice cube? Not only is this doggie ice lick refreshing and fun for your pooch to lick, the more they do, the more toys they release! Great for a hot day!

We all know that human donuts crammed full of sugar are really bad for dogs (and us humans) so instead of letting them drool over a delicious donut, why not make them some irresistible dog friendly donuts? This recipe is easy to follow and only requires 4 ingredients!

Sweet potato is great for humans as well as dogs! Not only are the ingredients in these sweet potato chews really good for your dog, the hard texture helps remove plaque and keep their teeth in healthy condition!

These two-ingredient dog treats take only minutes to make and can be made into perfect custom sized treats depending on your dogs appetite! A great way of rewarding dogs that are in the process of being trained!

Bacon and cheddar ‘Mutt-fins’ are doggie sized muffins packed full of good nutritious doggie friendly ingredients! Packed full of flavor, any dog will drool over the smell of these alone.

When the weather is hot and we complain about being too sweaty in the dry heat, let us take a minute to think about how our furry friends are coping? After all they are carrying around a permenat wooly coat…help them feel cooler by making these cute homemade frosty paws!

Blueberries may not sound like an average dog treat, but just bare with us…packed full of antioxidants, these blueberry dog treats are so healthy for your dog, not forgetting totally yummy!

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