DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

You don’t need to be an expert crafter to spoil you mom this year! These simple ideas are all super easy to make and a lot of them can be made by the littlest of hands for a truly special gift.

Etched Hand Print Frame – Make your gift extra special this year with this super simple DIY that Mothers and Grandma’s alike will love.

Easy DIY Photo Display Tutorial – Make a personal photo board with this wonderful tutorial, which can be completely customized and you can provide a few different pictures to change whenever she wants.

Mint Lime Foot Soak – Let her sit back and relax with this delightful foot soak and give her feet a little TLC, plus it’s so easy to make anyone can do it.

Terra Cotta Pot Tower – This stunning planter can be used indoors or out and you can change the colors to make them your mothers favorites…so you’ll know she’ll love it.

Embellished Mini Tote – With just a few scrap pieces of material you can make a mini tote which will capture your moms personality perfectly.

Gorgeous Lavender and Rose Sachets – These pretty little sachets are perfect to put in a draw or on the side while they keep everywhere smelling wonderful.

Photo Flower Pot – This excellent tutorial will show you how to make a stunning photo flower pot which you can either add a plant to or a choice of seeds and bulbs.

Celtic Heart Necklace – This wonderful design can easily be adapted into a belt, bracelet or any number of accessories if you don’t just want a necklace.

DIY Bath Bombs – Turn the bath into a spa experience with these fizzing bath bombs which will help soothe aches and pains, whilst helping your mum relax.

Lavender Oatmeal Tub Tea – She’s always there no matter what you need so let you mother have a little time to relax with this fantastic bath tea.

Comforting Eye Mask – This soothing mask will help you relax and refresh your eyes after even the toughest of days.

Kitchen Tablet Holder – Perfect for those moms that love to cook, this amazing DIY tablet holder will help them read the latest recipes online while they cook.

Clay Charm Bracelet – This super easy bracelet is simple and beautiful as well as being great fun to make it will look fantastic on any cool mom.

Faux Etched Vase – Keep it simple this year and make this beautiful vase and give your mom a bunch of flowers to go with it.

Hand Stamped Necklace – Nothing is more personal than a unique piece of jewelry design specifically for you mum and this tutorial will show you how to make it extra special.

Vintage Storybook Brooches – A perfect gift that even the littlest hands could help make. The hardest part of this DIY gift is choosing a picture to use.

DIY Chain Earrings – In less than five minutes you can make a gorgeous pair of earrings that any mom will love.

Shrink Plastic Jewelry – This wonderful designs can be easily recreated at home or you can even create your own pattern, an excellent way to make individual jewelry.

Homemade Cocoa Mint Soap – This luxurious and decadent soap will help smooth your skin and provide a natural glow.

Homemade Brag Book – A beautiful and elegant gift that any mother would be proud of, the simple pattern shows you how to make an accordion style book filled with pictures of any moms family.

Lavender Bath Salts – Making a large batch of bath salts is super easy and an excellent way to spoil your mom this Mothers Day with a gift that she can enjoy over and over again.

DIY Lotion Bars – After a soak in the tub nothing is better than a soothing lotion which will make you feel a million bucks. This delightful DIY does just that and any mother would be lucky to get these lotion bars.

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