Artistic Ways To Up-Cycle Teacups

Those beautiful teacups aren’t just for sipping your favorite brew out of anymore! Oh no, there’s a whole world of creative projects available so why not try up-cycling your teacups into something new?

A clock, a pin cushion, a cake stand…you name it and this list has got it!

Time to get artistic!

How To Make A Teacup Clock – It’s tea time! This step-by-step post will teach you how to make a beautiful clock that will display all of your favorite teacups in style!

DIY Herbs In A Teacup – With a bit of potting soil and a few herbs of your choice, you too can create these original planters.

Polka Dot Teacup Pin Cushion – Treat yourself to a classy teacup pincushion! It’s a great way to reuse an ever-so-slightly chipped teacup…and an even better way to keep those pins safe! Gift it to someone who loves sewing and they will be more than impressed!

Make Your Own Teacup Lights – Bring a whole new meaning to tea-light with this whimsical DIY which will look fantastic in any home.

DIY Teacup Wine Glasses – A stylish combination of teacup and wine glass, these are so easy to make but they’re so effective!

How To Use Teacups As Curtain Tiebacks – For an elegant way to tie back your curtains, why not use a teacup? Pick one with a pattern that matches your drapes and make your decor come to life!

DIY Garden Stones From Broken Teacups – Turn your own devastation into something beautiful! If you’ve smashed one of your favorite tea cups recently, all is not lost…you can up-cycle the broken pieces into stepping stone art for your garden!

Teacup Jewelry Stand – Not only does this looking fantastic when it’s finished but it’s also a great way to up-cycle!

How To Make Teacup Candles – Create the perfect atmosphere with these gorgeous one-of-a-kind candles will impress all your friends.

Homemade Vintage Cake Stand – Make your freshly baked cakes look even more appealing with this vintage stand and enjoy afternoon tea in style!

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder – Time to have a cuppa with the birds! Sit back with a hot drink and watch them from the window while they enjoy their teacup as much as you!

How To Make A  Make-Up Organizer With Dinnerware – Who’d have thought that you could use a teacup & saucer to store your bits and bobs! With separate sections for everything, this elegant tower will keep you well and truly organized!

Teacup Terrarium – Why not make one of these amazing terrariums and bring the outside in! The mini teacup gardens only take one hour to make and can be enjoyed all year round.

Homemade Bird Bath – Looking for a creative way to keep your birds clean? This is it! All you need is an old teacup!

Royal Albert Teapot & Teacup Rain Chain – Want to create a tea party in the garden? With this whimsical idea, you can use a teapot and teacups to do just that! Check out the video tutorial to see how it’s done!

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