DIY Penny Table Using Epoxy

Here is the exact project you may want to try – make over your old or simple table (or any furniture) into a sparkling new furniture using pennies. It can be easily made by laying the pennies over the table (you can try to use the color difference to make patterns), and pouring over epoxy for fine finish.

Supplies you need:

  • Plywood table or any furniture or top with flat surface
  • old window blind or squeege
  • paint and paint brush
  • epoxy,
  • pennies

Shabby DIY made a table top makeover using 3500 pennies to create such a brilliant, new high glossy furniture. It must be taking a long time for Shabby DIY to get all thousands of penny coins to make this penny table top possible! We can make more penny home decorating with this idea,  And we can even try a little further and your own personality with bottle caps,legos, wine cores or anything that can lie flat.

Here is the video:

Video: Shabby DIY; More Tutorials Next Page

EPBOT shares the tip to shine your dark coins up using Tarn-X to get rid of all the tarnish, you can get it from Amazon. After that, line up the coin next to each other with glue to keep it from moving. Pour over the coat (epoxy works good here) to give it a protection and soft finish.

Money Money Money Desk Via Epbot

So whenever you got a corner table, or a bench, even kitchen counter top and floor, you can turn them into this fabulous million-looking furniture in a weekend!

Penny Top Table Via Heart Maine Home (Photo: OBN)

Jonny Carroll showed his way to make the square table top /coffee table with epoxy as following:

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