Easy and Cheap Christmas Hacks


With so much to buy, prepare and decorate it’s no surprise that we welcome every time-saving hack, and this amazing post has got 12 of them for you! So don’t get stressed, grab a warm cup of something festive, take a seat and browse through this collection of ideas to make your festive season easier…

03-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksClever Ornament Storage

Keeping your tree ornaments neatly organized will take the stress out of decorating each year!

04-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksCandy Cane Place Card Holders

Everyone has a stash of candy canes at Christmas so when you’re in a fix and need a last-minute  place card holder solution they’ll do the job…quick to make and fun to look at!

05-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksCrockpot Hot Chocolate

Making a big batch of hot chocolate that can stay warm in the crockpot is the perfect time-saver! Everyone can help themselves and sip away while you get on with more important jobs…and hopefully there’ll be some left for you at the end!

06-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksDIY Gift Wrap Organization Station

This may take some time to install but it will save you a whole lot of stress year after year! No longer will you have to run around looking for the scissors, the sellotape, the ribbons and the paper…it’ll all be in one organized space!

07-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksOne Dough = Six Cookies

You may think that making your own cookies seems like it would take more time than simply running to the stores and buying some, but with this single batch of dough you can create six different types of sweet treat!

08-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksReusable Drawstring Gift Bag

Rather than go out and buy gift bags each Christmas why not make these homemade reusable drawstring versions? You don’t have to be a pro with a needle and thread because this festive craft requires minimal amounts of sewing.

09-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksElf Hat Napkins

Watch this video tutorial and find out how you can quickly add some character to your Holiday table!

10-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksStrawberry Cheesecake Santas

As far as snacks go these are super speedy to prepare but we bet the adorable little santas will be the biggest hit of the buffet!

11-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksStoring Your Christmas Lights

Whether you put them in the box first or last, Christmas lights somehow always manage to become tangled and each year you find yourself fighting with them for hours on end! Not anymore! These storage solutions will help you to keep your luminaries knot-free!

12-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksDIY Festive Nail Art

Who really has time to go to the salon in the build up to the big day? That’s why we’re loving this beautiful nail art tutorial so you can give your hands the sparkle they deserve in no time!

13-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksChristmas Ornament Chandelier

This project is perfect for any level of crafter, it’s a stunning way to decorate your home with very little effort!

14-unbelievably-useful-time-saving-christmas-hacksCandy Cane Candle

The candy canes strike again…but this time they’ll help you to embellish a candle! All you need is two minutes and it’s ready to display!

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