Easy DIY Puppet Crafts For Kids

These cool Puppet Crafts for Kids will help your kids come up with characters for their stories, and stretch their imaginations. Have fun!

DIY Paper Dog Hand Puppet:

Tutorial: redtedart

How To Make a Puppet:

Tutorial: instructables

Cute DIY Minion Stick Puppets:

Tutorial: livingwellmom

How To Make Cereal Box Turkeys Puppets:

Tutorial: myplumpudding

Simple DIY Penguin Puppet Craft:

Tutorial: artsymomma

DIY Muppet-inspired Envelope Puppet:

Tutorial: b-inspiredmama

Adorable DIY Bunny Hand Puppets:

Tutorial: purlsoho

Make Butterfly Paper Hand Puppet:

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

DIY Personalized Photo Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: stillplayingschool

Unique DIY Paper Bag Animal Puppets:

Tutorial: 86lemons

Make Monster Finger Puppets for Kids:

Tutorial: ehow

DIY Kid-Made Puppets:

Tutorial: familymaven

Amazing DIY Hop-up Bunny Puppet:

Tutorial: mermag

How To Make Paper Finger Puppet:

Tutorial: diyinspired

Easy DIY Finger Leg Puppet:

Tutorial: picklebums

Create 5 Little Pumpkins Felt Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: preschoolpowolpackets

DIY Insect Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: marthastewart

Create Your Own Dog Puppet:

Tutorial: attackofthecraft

DIY Muppet Puppet Tutorial:

Tutorial: instructables

Cute DIY Googly Monster Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: leftbraincraftbrain

DIY Puppet Theater:

Tutorial: craftingconnections

DIY Raurinde The Puppet Princess:

Tutorial: madebykasia

DIY Waldorf Inspired Glove-puppets:

Tutorial: webloomhere

How to Make Bear Puppet:

Tutorial: littlegenegreenbean

DIY No-sew 5 Little Ghosts Finger Puppets:

Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

DIY Old Macdonald Puppet Tutorial:

Tutorial: larissaanotherday

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Puppets Craft:

Tutorial: thehomespunhydrangea

Make Wooden Spoon Ladybug Puppets:

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Easy DIY Five Little Pumpkins Puppet Craft:

Tutorial: themomentsathome

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