Easy Gift Ideas

If you have limited time and budget but are in desperate need to create a gift for someone then we have the solution for you!

Below we share eleven super simple DIY gift ideas that cost next to nothing and take less than 15 minutes to make. There are ideas for girls and boys young and old so you’ll be able to whip up a quick gift for anyone.

Simply click the links below to check out each DIY gift idea…

DIY Glitter Nail Polish – Turn a boring clear nail varnish into a party ready glitter nail polish!

Wooden Gift Tags – If you have no gift tags left, then why not rustle up some of these adorable gift tags.

Pretty Brass Mason Jar Book Ends – By spray painting some mason jars you can create these super cute book ends in less than 5 minutes.

Honey Brown Sugar Scrub – This inexpensive scrub would make a perfect gift for any special lady, it is so simple to make and looks professional.

Paper Christmas Stockings – Need something special to put a gift voucher or store card in for a loved one….then print these free stocking templates to make your own.

Pretty Bracelet Tutorial – Believe it or not these bracelets are made from fabric and shower curtain rings!

Stencilled Trivet – All you need for this gift is cork and some stencil patterns and paint. Be creative and whip some of these up in no time.

Reindeer Cushions – Grab an old white cushion, some fabric paint and a small person to help to make these fun reindeer hand and foot printed cushions.

Candy Sleighs – Stack some of your favorite candy bars into a sleigh shape, and glue ribbon around it to fasten.

We Whisk You A MerryKISSmas – This fun idea will take minutes to make but makes a really practical and yummy gift!

Dollar Store Gift Baskets – Stack a basket full of dollar store items like flannels, bubbles and bath bombs. This post will give you lots of inspiration for various themed baskets that are easy to make and cheap to purchase.

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