Fun Summer Water Activities For Kids

Perfect for summer, all 17 of these ideas will not only help to beat the heat but they’re guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours! Bubbles, water balloons, slip & slides…you name it, this collection has got it!

DIY Sand & Water Table – It’s amazing how many hours of entertainment can come from a little bit of sand and a little bit of water!

Water Balloon Pinata – Party games don’t have to be complicated…why not try this simple twist on a traditional pinata. The water balloon game is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.

How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Water Park – What better way to cure your kiddies boredom than with this homemade water park! It costs nothing to do, you don’t have to deal with crowds and everyone will have just as much fun as a trip out!

Make Giant Bubbles -With just a few simple materials, you too can make these amazing giant bubbles! They’ll have everyone mesmerized!

Ice Block Treasure Hunt – This ingenious ice block game will keep your little ones quiet for hours! Give them some digging tools, sit back and watch them hunt for their treasure.

DIY Slip & Slide – Slip and slide your way to a fun summer with this super easy DIY!

How To Make Water Bombs – In the heat of the summer the kids will love the chance to cool off with these fun, spongy water-bombs, and adults will jump at the chance to ‘supervise’.

Water Balloon Math Game – Learning has never been more fun! This simple water balloon game will help to improve your child’s math skills…and they won’t even notice!

Homemade Sprinkler – This plastic bottle sprinkler is the perfect project for summer. Just hook it up to your garden hose and let the fun begin.

Make Your Own Water Wall – With a few scraps and some recyclables, you can provide hours of learning with this fun water wall.

DIY Ice Chalk – Homemade ice chalk is the perfect art, sensory, and science activity to keep the kids occupied on a hot summer day.

Racing Soap Boats Game – A rain gutter and a bar of soap make for some great outdoor races…the simple things in life really are the best!

Make Bubble Snakes – Pull together a quick and easy bubble maker that forms cool bubble snakes using basic items that you’ll find in the house.

How To Make A Water Blob – This is a brilliant idea for keeping your kids (and probably even your husband!) occupied during the warmer summer months. They can slide around, jump on it and perform acrobatics.

Water Gun Fun – What kid wouldn’t love the chance to squirt water at things? As long as it’s not aimed at you!

DIY Tricycle Car Wash – This homemade car wash comes together quickly and easily…but we guarantee it will keep the little ones entertained for hours on end!

How To Make A Water Balloon Pump – No hose? No problem! Water balloon fights just got a whole lot easier with this handy pump.

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