DIY Ideas For An Amazing Summer

Fun and games, food and drink, garden decor…whatever you’re after you’ll find it here. So whether you’re looking forward to chilling out with friends on the deck, grilling up a feast for your family or soaking your kids in a water fight, the sun is out and all you have to do is enjoy it!

Mason Jar Straw Lids – Keep bugs, leaves and other unwelcome guests from joining you for drinks by topping your mason jars with these fun little lids!

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes – Aloe Vera is often referred to as the miracle plant, and for good reason! It’s one of natures most powerful ingredients and is great for healing painful sunburn. Freeze it in an ice cube tray for cooling relief.

How To Make A Watermelon Keg – Turning a regular watermelon into a beautiful drinks dispenser that will amaze your friends and family…sounds like an amazing idea to us!

DIY Pallet Swing Bed – This easy DIY will not only look fantastic swinging in your garden but it will give you somewhere comfy to relax on those warm summer evenings.

Make A Patio Table With A Built-In Beer Cooler – Picture this: it’s the height of Summer, you have friends over, everyone’s in the garden chatting and enjoying themselves, nobody wants to get up for another round of drinks…and with this amazing DIY project you don’t have to!

How To Make A Water Blob – This is a brilliant idea for keeping your kids (and probably even your husband!) occupied during the warmer summer months. They can slide around, jump on it and perform acrobatics.

Make S’mores In A Terracotta Pot – This is an amazing idea to get camp fire s’mores from the comfort of your garden. There’s no need for a bonfire or a fire pit, all you need is a terracotta pot to make these much loved treats!

DIY Chalkboard Tables – Turn an old table into an outdoor chalkboard and give your little ones extra space to draw, play games and write!

Summertime Floating Candles – The combination of fresh fruits, herbs and oils will enhance your garden with a beautiful aroma whilst making an excellent feature at any outside table or BBQ.

How To Make Outdoor Drink Holders – Make these free-standing holders and you’ll never have to suffer a spilled drink again!

Make Your Own Waterbombs – In the heat of the summer the kids will love the chance to cool off with these fun, spongy water-bombs, and adults will jump at the chance to ‘supervise’.

How To Build A Brick Barbecue – Enjoy grilling in style with this DIY brick BBQ that will last for years…so you won’t have to run out every summer to get a new grill.

Glowing Outdoor Orbs – This unique luminary project takes just three minutes to do, costs just $3, and uses only two materials.

25 Mouthwatering Popsicle Recipes – In the sweltering summer sun there’s only one thing that children and adults alike will want…popsicles! There are 25 different recipes available, including everything from lemonade flavor right through to peanut butter brittle flavor.

How To Make Wireless Speakers From Salad Bowls – Enjoy your favorite music inside and out with these retro salad bowl speakers!

Easy Outdoor Cushion Covers – Make your garden furniture come to life this summer with some beautiful outdoor pillows! You don’t need to be an expert seamstress because there is hardly any needlework required!

DIY Backyard Bar – Serve up soft drinks and adult beverages in style and become the most sought-after backyard barbecue host with the help of this nifty outdoor bar.

How To Make Your Own Super Fun Sprinkler – Beat the heat with this easy to make sprinkler and keep the little one’s amused all day!

Homemade Tiki Torch – Imagine those summer evenings, you have friends over, you’re grilling on the deck…the scene wouldn’t be complete without a homemade tiki torch to set the mood!

Naturally Flavored Water – They look absolutely divine, incredibly refreshing and are packed full of goodness. So if you’d like to fall in love with water, check out this recipe and give it some flavor!

Make Your Own Wasp Trap – Fed up with pesky wasps buzzing around whilst you’re trying to relax in peace and quiet? Well this simple DIY is the solution you need. It costs nothing to make and takes only seconds to put together…even the least crafty of you out there won’t struggle with this.

13 Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away – Mosquitoes are one of the only real downsides to summer! They are annoying little creatures that inflict bites that annoy and itch for days. Luckily there are ways to keep them away and this great article reveals 13 of the best methods.

DIY Giant Jenga – Transform 2×4′s into a fun game that you can keep for every garden party you have.

How To Make A Personal Fire Pit – With minimal amount of effort, space or materials you’ll be able to have a wonderful garden feature that looks fantastic.

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