Awesome Ways To Turn Trash Into The Most Extraordinary Things

From old pickle jars, used tin cans, empty wine bottles and much more – there is a way to transform it into something beautiful.

Stunning Tin Can Luminaries– These clever luminaries couldn’t be simpler to make, this old tin can DIY can be decorated to match any occasion…painted yellows for summer, oranges for autumn and reds and greens for the festive season. So versatile, so cheap, but so effective!

Water Bottle Vases – If you have plastic bottles in your recycling bin, go fish them out and wash them…then follow this tutorial and you will be left with some stunning, completely free creative vases perfect for a Summery bunch of flowers…

Strainer Planter Wind Chime – Has your strainer become rusty and old? Time for a new one? Don’t throw out the old one, re-use it to make this stunning garden feature, with simple instructions, this DIY is perfect for any skill ability…

Wooden Pallet To Coffee Table – This is a great example of a complete transformation, not to mention how chic the finished product looks, with a few simple instructions and materials you too could make similar coffee table for your living room.

Old Cupboard Door Art – With an old cupboard door, some thumb tacks and a bit of inspiration, anyone could complete this simple but fabulous DIY, why not personalize it for a friend or a loved one. You know it’s a total one off!

Glass Pickle Jar Luminaries – A cute DIY which can is perfect for any occasion. Not only do these look stunning late in the evening darkness, but also fab in daylight too! A creative project that kids can certainly be involved with!

Old Chair Transformation – This DIY shows you how to upgrade an old tired chair into some funky on trend chairs with little effort but maximum impact. Some people would throw these out thinking they have had their time..not Jen over at Domesticatednomad!

Pull Tab Picture Hanging Fixture – How many cans do you throw in the recycling each week? A lot we think, well stop there and collect the ring pulls which could be made into the prefect hangers for art and picture frames that are missing the fixtures…

DIY Tire Ottoman – This is a great way to use an old tire, not only does it make a superb piece of furniture, sturdy enough to withstand the outdoors, it also stops the tire becoming pollution when trashed!

Diaper Box Up-cycle – You wouldn’t believe the transformation of this simple cardboard box, instead of throwing them in the trash from now on, save them and turn them into these stunning closet organisers, design, style and create depending on your own color theme…

Key Wind Chime – Everyone has one of those ‘everything & nothing’ drawers somewhere in their homes, often they are filled with bits and bobs from keys to batteries and other little things, if you happen to have some lonely abandoned keys in your drawer, then this is the perfect DIY for you!

Bottle Piggy Bank – These super cute piggy banks are the prefect craft project for any family, child friendly, these are fun to make, only require recycled materials and take no time at all!

Bundt Cake Mould Planter – Using old tins and pans that have done their time in the kitchen to make other wonderful things for your home is always a pleasure. Take a look at this great DIY for a hanging planter.

Bottle Cap Fabric Covered Coasters – This is a fun idea to use up all of those bottle caps that normally get thrown out. Not only is it original, it’s a great way to use items you would normally throw out with out even thinking twice.

Tea-cup Jewelry Storage – If you have odd tea-cups lying around and need to out them to use, but wouldn’t risk using them as actual tea-cups? Then this super clever organizing hack will be your next DIY for sure. A cute idea which is stylish as well as practical.

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