Great Ways To Reuse A 55 Gallon Barrel

While you might not have a 55 gallon drum just laying around unused, they’re a perfect material to use on a farm or homestead for people who like to be prepared and self-sufficient.

From feeding farm animals to storing water, raising fish, growing a garden, or even making a few fun toys for the kids, there are lots of uses for a 55 gallon barrel.

Pick them up locally and get started on your favorite project!

Pig Feeder – At a certain point, it gets difficult to make your way into a pigpen to feed your animals. This solution is constructed from a 55 gallon plastic barrel and allows you to feed your animals from outside the fence.

Pedestal Sink – With some snappy tile work, an old barrel becomes a visually interesting addition to your bathroom. Looks great in a contemporary or industrial style home.

Pedal Car – This adorable car is perfect for kids, and will be a project they never forget. The body of the vehicle is made from a 55 gallon drum.

Drum Barrel Train Car – Or create a train that your kids can ride in. Take this to a small gathering or fair and give rides!

Catfish Tanks – 55 gallon containers are a great way to start raising your own catfish! As you get more experienced, you will probably want to upgrade the size of your tanks.

Steel Drum Furniture – This is a clever way to transform old barrels into an adorable, brightly colored patio set. The curved back makes these very comfortable.

Aquaponics Tanks – This sustainable system allows you to turn 55 gallon buckets into a whole greenhouse of plants. In addition, the fish you raise can also be eaten!

Compost Bin – Having your compost bin settled on a sturdy stand saves your knees and back. The size means that you’ll have plenty of nutrient rich soil to put into your garden!

Top Bar Bee Hive – This is a simple way to make a bee hive, and it’s easy to access the honeycomb later!

Pub Table – This is a great industrial design piece that will look great in any man cave or bar area.

Rain Barrel –  There are lots of ways to make a rain barrel, but the most popular DIYs use 55 gallon drums. Saving rainwater is a great way to keep your water bills down, especially if you don’t have a well.

Water Storage System – Use 55 gallon drums to create a vertical water storage area, just in case.

Drum Smoker –  A simple way to create your own backyard meat smoker is with a 55 gallon steel drum.

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