How To Decorate With Washi Tape

1 Washi Tape Phone Case


Washi Tape Phone Case: This DIY Phone Case idea features YOUR favorite Washi tape and a hard case making your investment less than $5! (via Clever Pink Pirate)

2 Washi Tape iPad Makeover


Washi Tape iPad Makeover (via My Poppet)

3 Washi Tape Cords


Washi Tape Cords (via Delicious Spaces)

4 Washi Tape Trivet


Washi Tape Trivet (via Bluet and Clover)

5 Dress Up Your Switchplates


Dress Up Your Switchplates: An easy DIY by crab+fish: decorate your lightswitches and outlet covers with Japanese masking (washi) tape! (via Crab and Fish)

6 Washi Tape Your Door Edges


Washi Tape Your Door Edges: There are a few things in this world to which I have a difficult time committing. Paint is one of them. Ive seen images of brightly painted door edges floating around for months now, and I love the look but couldnt you know. Then the other day it hit me, why not washi tape my (via Design Crush)

7 Washi Tape Sofa Legs


Washi Tape Sofa Legs (via Poppy Talk)

8 Washi Stairs


Washi Stairs (via Pascal Anson)

9 Orange Washi Tape Decor


Orange Washi Tape Decor (via How About Orange)

10 Washi Tape Food Picks


Washi Tape Food Picks (via Bento Zen)

11 Washi Tape Bow


Washi Tape Bow (via iamdoe)

12 Washi Tape Wall Art


Washi Tape Wall Art: How to make easy wall art with Washi Tape, wooden letters and canvas. Great home decor craft idea. (via Living Locurto)

13 Fireworks Vases


Fireworks Vases: I have a confession to make, I am crazy about Japanese washi tape. So much potential for cuteness in one little roll, I am smitten! I was browsing Etsy a month ago and stumbled across Pretty Tape. It was then that my love affair with this charming crafting tool began. I ordered a few rolls (via Centsational Girl)

14 Fancy Up Your Cupboard


Fancy Up Your Cupboard (via Vorstellung von Schön)

15 Wall Art


Wall Art (via Craftifair)

16 Washi Calendar


Washi Calendar (via Decoesfera)

17 Washi Tape Serving Tray


Washi Tape Serving Tray (via Lovely Little Life)

18 Washi Tape on Calendar


Washi Tape on Calendar: So we all know I have a penchant for Russell + Hazel binders, organizers and their mini datebook. The other day I was gazing at my google calendar, the bright bars that pepper my every day, and wis… (via Jensie Jean)

19 Washi Tape Fridge Magnet Pegs


Washi Tape Fridge Magnet Pegs: Let’s kick off the final week of our 12 Days of Christmas crafts with a nice functional one that will also give a hint of the season to an overlooked room for decorating: the kitchen. I’ve used these cute pegs to d (via Atypical Type A)

20 Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard


Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard: Look whose little old MacBook got a facelift this weekend! I spotted this idea from minifanfan on Making It Lovely last week and just had to give it my own spin. I purchased my Japanese washi tape from Le Box [] (via Her New Leaf)

21 Mini Washi Tape Gift Bag


Mini Washi Tape Gift Bag (via Craft and Creativity)

22 Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets


Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets: With a few simple tools, these beautiful DIY washi tape bracelets can adorn your wrists too. (via Mama Miss)

23 Colorful Dot Notebook


Colorful Dot Notebook: This little DIY is pretty simple and fast and oh so pretty, don’t you think? All you need are some cute washi tapes with different colors and patterns, that fit well together. Some wax papers, so the washi tape is easy to peel off. A new notebook with a blank cover and a 1 inch circle punch. (via Moments to Live For)

24 Washi Tape Feathers


Washi Tape Feathers (via omiyage blogs)

25 Washi Wall


Washi Wall (via Ann Kelle)

26 Washi Tape Deer Head


Washi Tape Deer Head (via Decor Hacks)

27 Door Design


Door Design: Mari uses washi tape to create a fun and easy geometric design on her toddler’s bedroom door! (via Crab and Fish)

28 Honeycomb Wall Decal


Honeycomb Wall Decal: With washi tape and a handy template, you can easily learn how to make a totally removable honeycomb wall decal. Happy making. (via Jade and Fern)

29 Coat Tree


Coat Tree: I’ve been in need of a coat/hat rack for Asher’s room for some time now and just couldn’t find what I was looking for… I wanted something small space friendly because we are strapped for space in… (via Everything Emily)

30 Tape Picture Frames


Tape Picture Frames: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

31 Washi Tape Bottles


Washi Tape Bottles (via studios joesjoe)

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