Amazing Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Containers

1 Peek-a-Boo House


Peek-a-Boo House: Babies love to see pictures of themselves (and the people they love). They also love to to open things…so today we’re using a couple travel packages of (via I Can Teach My Child)

2 Earring Travel Case


Earring Travel Case (via A Creative Cookie)

3 DIY Advent Calendar


DIY Advent Calendar: I love advent calendars and there are so many great ones out there. I have been dreaming of making this advent calendar since about February- and it took me about that long to get all the lids from baby wipe containers I needed. What I love about it is that I control whats in it. As (via No Time for Flash Cards)

4 DIY Disinfectant Wipes


DIY Disinfectant Wipes (via DIY Home Sweet Home)

5 Craft Storage Containers


Craft Storage Containers (via Modern Mommy)

6 Wipes Case Laptop


Wipes Case Laptop (via She Wears Flowers)

7 Travel Crayon Case


Travel Crayon Case (via SOS Swim School)

8 Monster Madness


Monster Madness: A Quiet Monster to Tame Your Little Monster! This is how I keep my cute, little monster quiet (yes, its possible) during church:Yes, its an empty wipee case! And I have to credit Charli for the idea, as she was playing with an empty one a few days ago, putting things in and out of the…Read More (via Sweet Charli)

9 Baby Wipe Box to Treasure Chest


Baby Wipe Box to Treasure Chest (via Wired)

10 Lego Travel Box


Lego Travel Box (via kv.barn)

11 Quilting Storage


Quilting Storage (via Quiltville)

12 Yarn Holder


Yarn Holder: Get creative with common household items that do double-duty. (via Real Simple)

13 Plastic Bag Dispenser


Plastic Bag Dispenser (via The Thriftiness Miss)

14 Money Collection


Money Collection (via The Ulrich Crew)

15 Math Game


Math Game (via Mrs. Karen’s Class)

16 Plastic Bag Dispenser


Plastic Bag Dispenser: You know how I love giving new use to thrown out or old stuff. I collect containers (don’t even get my started on my Crystal Light container collection) and found the perfect reuse for old Lysol … (via Infarrantly Creative)

17 Snack Box


Snack Box (via The Thriftiness Miss)

18 Craft Organization Box


Craft Organization Box: Project #1: Paint can clean-up Project #2: Lining up the table linens Project #3: Marking up the craft boxes From this to this Now that my little kiddo is getting big and into her creative side although still finds eating the crafts better than making them I’ve had one big box of art (via The Side Stuff)

19 Chalkboard Storage Tubs


Chalkboard Storage Tubs (via A Girl and Her Needle)

20 Gingerbread House Holiday Photo Card


Gingerbread House Holiday Photo Card: This craft is for kids that love to color-in and for parents that want a nice photo card for the mantle piece or for the grandparents this holiday. Best of all, (via Alpha Mom)

21 Toddler Toy


Toddler Toy (via A Spotted Pony)

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