How To Make A Baked Potato

Jazz up dinner tonight with a side that we all know and love. A baked today is a bite that nearly everyone seems to enjoy but what about creating a new spin on the classic so it’s not so dull or boring on the plate? And today we’re bringing you a variety of different ideas. Check out all 15 different ways to make a baked potato below!

1. Loaded Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Dish gives us a fabulous recipe for jazzing up our baked potatoes with flavor and fresh ingredients. Infuse a bit of Mediterranean style into tonight’s dinner with this one. Tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, and more will make this bite a favorite for the family.

2. Twice Baked

If you want something a bit more classic, hop on over to She Wears Many Hats. She has a great recipe for twice baked potatoes that will make everyone at the table – even the kiddos – really happy. And they can top with any

3.   Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Serious Eats took a favorited appetizer and loaded their potatoes up with its most delicious parts. This spinach and artichoke dip stuffed baked potato looks like quite the delicious side dish, don’t you think? Hop on over now and snag the recipe.

4. Cheesy Vegetarian Loaded

You can use this one as a side dish or even as a main course for our vegetarian lovers. This yummy bite comes to us via Peas and Crayons and with all the details included. This would be a perfect accompaniment to a soup and salad too!

5. Broccoli & Cheddar

Broccoli and cheddar is always a good way to go with our baked potatoes too. And this time they’re twice baked and fully loaded with bouts of broccoli florets and extra cheesy goodness. Follow along with the easy tutorial at Baker by Nature.

6. BBQ Chicken Stuffed

Barefeet in the Kitchen made a meal out of her potato too. Stuffed with delicious and tender BBQ chicken and all the toppings you could want, this too can act as a fun meal all on its own. Just serve it up with a side salad or cup of soup.

7. Thai-Style

Do you like a lot of Thai food? Well, thanks to Dula Notes, you can take that love right to your baked potato. And this one is a sweet potato, so it’s a bit more unique from the ground up.

8. Shepard’s Pie Loaded

Cupcakes & Kale Chips gives us another easy recipe that will make weekday meals so much easier. If you’re already a fan of shepard’s pie, then you’ll definitely be a fan of this loaded potato. It’s filled with all the best ingredients from the classic dinner dish!

9. Nacho-Style

Serious Eats has so many delicious ideas to try out at home and this one is no exception. Taking your plain baked potato and turning it into a nacho-lover’s dream is both easy and will satisfy the entire family. They can all have fun topping it off with all their favorites!

10. Chili

Chili is a classic baked potato topper, so, of course, we had to add it here too. If you’re looking for a recipe to try out then this one from Add a Pinch is a winner – we’ve tried it personally! Don’t forget the cheese and sour cream on top – and jalapeños too if you’re feeling adventurous.

11. Cheesy Ham & Broccoli

Broccoli and cheese goes on baked potatoes easily but adding a little ham to that combination takes it up a delicious notch. Check out how to do it over at Home. Made. Interest.. And this too can easily become a lunch or dinner on its own!

12. Breakfast Casserole

The Recipe Rebel went the breakfast-inspired route. You can stuff your potato with a breakfast casserole and it be the most delicious thing to wake up to in the morning or to serve at the brunch table. Check it out after the jump!

13. Bloomin’

You can always make your potatoes bloom a bit. Check out this fun recipe over at The Gunny Sack! Not only is it yummy, but the presentation will wow your dinner guests too.

14. BBQ Pork Loaded

Instead of chicken, you can load your potato with some BBQ pork! Again, it acts as a fabulous dinner ideas and served up with some fresh cole slaw on the side – you’ll have everyone at the table happy and satisfied. We found this dish over at Southern Living.

15. The Ultimate

And finally, we ask you to check out Serious Eats just one more time. They have all the right happenings for a classic baked potato recipe. If you’re in the mood for the “ultimate” way to serve up these starches, this is it.

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