Cool DIY Breakfast Casseroles

Just in case you love the idea of a deliciously satisfying breakfast casserole as much as we do, here are 15 of the very best recipes we’ve come across (and mostly tried, if we’re being honest) so far in our search!

1. Cheesy, easy breakfast casserole

Even though you’re in the mood for a fancy breakfast casserole, would you prefer to keep things at least a little bit simple in terms of ingredients so that even the littlest members of your family will enjoy every bite? In that case, let’s start out with a simple egg and cheese idea like this casserole recipe from Budget Savvy Diva! Feel free to add veggies and meat options as you please, or leave it plain, simple, and mouthwatering just like this!

2. Hash brown, egg, and cheese breakfast casserole

If we’re going to make just about any kind of breakfast dish, we usually make sure that we accompany it with hash browns because they’re so darn good. Sometimes we even make hash browns alongside sweet breakfasts like cinnamon buns, even though the two don’t typically go together. Imagine our excitement, then, when we came across this amazingly delicious breakfast casserole recipe that already has hash browns cooked right in! We’re not even sure we could count how many times we’ve made this stunning breakfast creation. We’re pretty darn grateful to Just A Pinch for this one!

3. Mushroom broccoli breakfast casserole

If you’re going to make yourself a deliciously cheesy egg casserole dish smothered with even more cheese on top, would you prefer to include at least a few vegetables? Beyond the fact that they make sure you get some nutrition, we promise that the occasional veggie in your casserole really can amp up your flavour experience! That’s why we love this mushroom and broccoli recipe from Dishmaps so much, with or without the sausage depending on who’s coming over for brunch and what their dietary restrictions are.

4. Overnight ham and veggie casserole

No matter what your favourite ingredients are, there are all kinds of great ways to make a delicious breakfast casserole. If you like the fresh, fluffy texture that comes with recipes that you eat right out of the oven, then you might prefer another option, but those do involve getting up early enough to actually cook a full breakfast in the morning! If you’d rather have a bit of a lie in, then perhaps you’d prefer to make your casserole the night before and have it set and ready by the time everyone wakes up. That’s the kind of prep this delicious ham and veggie casserole requires and we’re always happy to have that option, especially because it tastes just as good as the others! See how it’s done on Eating Richly.

5. Brie and veggie breakfast strata

If you’re going to make yourself a mouth watering breakfast from scratch, would you rather have at least one simple element that’s perhaps a little more gourmet than just the pre-shredded cheddar that’s already in your fridge? Then perhaps upping your cheese game to include brie cheese would make things a little more up your alley! One of our very favourite brie casseroles is this brie and veggie breakfast strata outlined on Lil’ Luna.

6. Easy breakfast casserole muffins

Have you aways been a big fan of miniature meal options because you have little kids who enjoy the fun and ease of bite-sized meals? Then we have a feeling these awesome, flavoured packed mini casserole muffins will be a huge hit in your hours! Metro Detroit Mommy teaches you how to portion things just right to create cute little egg bites that are full of flavour even though you can customize what you put in them.

7. Easy, make-ahead breakfast casserole

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about casserole recipes that you can let settle overnight so you don’t have to get up quite so early to make a meal from scratch, but you’d actually prefer to find a recipe that will keep an entire day before because you have so much prep to do for a really big, important brunch? Then we think perhaps we’ve found just the recipe for you! Sally’s Baking Addiction guides you through the process of cooking an actual “make ahead” recipe that’s intended to be made in advance without losing any flavour or texture. Check out all those delicious veggies!

8. Easy sausage and cheese breakfast casserole

Are you still thinking about how classically delicious the first, quite plain option we showed you sounded, but you wonder whether it might taste a little bit better with meat involved? Then we might have just found the perfect easy alternative for you! Number 2 Pencil shows you how to make an easy sausage and cheese casserole that really just lets you enjoy the egg-y goodness of a satisfying breakfast.

9. Cinnamon roll casserole

Just because you want to make a sort of “casserole” style dish that will fill your family’s tummies right up in the morning doesn’t mean you have to make something involving eggs and cheese! Perhaps your family are a bunch of sweet lovers who would prefer something closer to a baked good if you’re going to make them a treat? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Recipes and Me made this stunningly delicious and practically delectable cinnamon bun casserole complete with a sweet drizzle.

10. Brunch potato casserole

We know we already mentioned a hash brown casserole recipe above, but what if your favourite way to enjoy potatoes at breakfast is actually usually as whole or half potatoes rather than fried potato patties? Well, thanks to this recipe from All Recipes, you can totally enjoy that kind of potato in your breakfast casserole too, so you get a little bit of each of your favourite breakfast elements with every single bite!

11. Sausage and sweet potato casserole

If we’re being fully honest, we have a huge favourite when it comes to the ingredients we’ll put into a breakfast casserole. We completely adore pretty much any casserole recipe that involves sausage in some way, but we’re particularly  fond of this one from Plaid and Paleo because it uses sweet potato too! We think it adds just a bit more flavour and satisfaction to really fuel the rest of your day (at least until lunch).

12. French toast bake

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about a cinnamon bun casserole, but you can actually think of a sweet, carb based breakfast treat that your family likes even more than they love cinnamon buns? Then perhaps you’d prefer to give this deliciously sweet French toast bake a try instead! Lil’ Luna guides you through the process of preparing the bed just right, topping it with the perfect amount of sugar and cinnamon, and baking it to perfection.

13. Blueberry breakfast casserole

What if you really liked the French toast idea above because you like the idea of more carbs and less eggs, but you’ve always like savoury and fruity flavours better than cinnamon and sugar blends? Then you simply must take a look at this utterly irresistible blueberry breakfast casserole! Fresh From Florida shows you how to make it with a little bit of cheese too, just like a blueberry danish.

14. Mexican breakfast casserole

Perhaps you’re still very into the classic egg, sausage, and veggie casserole idea that we’ve primarily shown you so far, but you also can’t help but wonder whether your family might prefer a flavour that has a little more kick to it? In that case, we’d suggest turning to your spice cupboard to save the morning! Take a look at how Pillsbury created this Mexican flavour inspired egg casserole that’s spice for a bit of a hot after taste. The best part of making it yourself, however, is that you can make the spice as mild or as intense as you please while still enjoying the great Mexican taste that the rest of the spice blend provides.

15. Italian pesto breakfast bake

While we’re getting international, would you rather keep scrolling until you find a recipe from afar that, while not spicy at all, packs a lot of delicious punch in the flavour department? Then look no further! We’ve found a completely delicious Italian version of a classic breakfast casserole that incorporates Italian sausage and pesto for maximum taste! Get the full details for how this one’s made on Behind The Plates.

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