Amazing DIY Lampshades

Just in case you’re on the lookout for cool DIY lampshade ideas too, here are 15 of the most fun and unique homemade designs, tutorials, and embellishment ideas we’ve come across so far!

1. Woven ribbon and bows lamp shade

We’ve always loved crafting with ribbon because it’s just so pretty, but it certainly wasn’t the first supply that came to mind when we started thinking about materials to make a lampshade. Imagine our surprise (and excitement), then, when we came across this awesome tutorial from The Craft Tutor! They show you how to weave the ribbons into a lovely gingham style lampshade slip, adding a strip of simply tied bows for feminine detail. We love the minimalist look of this white lamp, but we also like the idea of using coloured ribbons or many different bright ribbons woven in combination at once!

2. Upcycled leggings lamp shade

If you’re going to go to the trouble of creating yourself something from scratch (even if you’re working with a base piece and adding to it), would you prefer to make it an upcycling project as well? Then you are absolutely on the same wavelength as us! That’s why we liked this upcycled leggings lampshade slip idea from Vintage Revivals so much. They guide you through the process of creating a shade cover that lets you add a veil of colour, pattern, and texture, making your previously subtle lamp a neat pop in the decor scheme.

3. Pretty satin bows lamp shade

Perhaps you’re actually feeling kind of strapped for time or resources and you’d like to somehow keep things simple while also making a statement? Well, if girly and cute is your style, then we have a feeling you’re going to love this beautiful silk ribbon and bow idea from I Heart Nap Time. They show you how simply a big, shiny bow just like one you’d find on top of a gift can be added to a plain lampshade without detracting from the rest of the room or getting too elaborate and pricy.

4. Geometric duct tape lamp shade

If you’re going to spend time and money on making yourself something that you’ll display in your home, would you rather it be some really impressive, intriguing pop of colour that will catch people’s attention as they walk into the room? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore this geometric tape design idea from Jungalow! They guide you through the surprisingly simple process of cutting and fitting different shapes together to create a sort of Mayan inspired mosaic of colour across the surface of a plain white lampshade.

5. Pretty ruffled fabric lamp shade

Even when you’re not actually sewing, have your best DIY and crafting skills always lied in the realm of fabric based projects? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Juneberry Lane created this stunningly textured ruffled fabric lampshade in surprisingly few steps! We love the look of their neutrally coloured choice here, but we also think this would make a fantastic opportunity piece for a quirky, bright pop of colour.

6. Ruffles, ribbons, and silk butterflies

When we said “ruffles”, did your mind immediately go to the horizontal kind that you’d find on a little girl’s pretty party dress rather than the fluffy style we showed you above? Then perhaps you’d prefer this alternative design that’s a little bit more cutesy, especially if you add a couple whimsical butterflies, just like Fyne’s Designs did here! See their tutorial for full instructions.

7. Pinched fabric and button lamp shade

Are you still intrigued by the idea of using fabric in your DIY lampshade makeover but none of the ideas we’ve shown you so far are quite striking your fancy? Then here’s another alternative idea for your consideration! We love the way DIY Show Off used this cute fabric pinching technique to create some visual interest, letting colourful patterns blend freely and even adding some eye catching buttons for extra detail!

8. Fabric decoupage lamp shade makeover

If you’re going to start putting fabric scraps all over an old lampshade, would you prefer to stick to some classic techniques that will keep things nice and simple while still letting you inject some extra personality into the room? Then maybe this standard fabric decoupage idea from Katie’s Crochet Goodies will be a little more up your alley! They show you step by step how to make it happen without unsightly wrinkles or bunching around the edges.

9. Fabric lamp shade cover with a ribbon edging

Perhaps you really like the decoupage idea we just showed you above (and you’ve even got some awesome fabric all picked out) but you can’t help but feel like your finished project just looks a little bit unfinished somehow? Well, we can totally understand that. That’s why we liked this ribbon trimming idea from HGTV so much! Their tutorial shows you how to cover the whole lampshade and add some silky slenderness to the top and bottom.

10. DIY lace chandelier lamp

We’ve talked a lot about creative lampshade ideas for table lamps so far, but what if the kind of lamp you’re hoping to make over is actually one that doesn’t sit on a surface at all? Well, that certainly frees up a little more space for you to get creative with shape! We actually recently made this absolutely stunning lace sphere pendant lamp shade in real life and it’s possibly that we’ve never been happier with a DIY decor piece. Find out how it’s done on Lifestyle Amour.

11. Painted ping pong ball pendant light

Are you quite happy to see pendant light options on our list because that’s the kind of lighting you have most prominently in your house but you’d also prefer something a little less delicate looking and a little more unique or colourful? Then we definitely think you should take a look at the way Poppytalk made this absolutely fantastic multi-coloured shade made out of ping pong balls! We adore their idea for painting each row of balls a different bright colour, but we kind of like the idea of scattering the colours for a speckled effect as well.

12. Wooden clothespin laundry room lamp shade

If you’re going to make yourself something, do you actually try to work with unconventional crafting materials whenever you can? Honestly, we find getting creative with “weird” supplies so much fun that those projects are often the first ones to catch our attention when we’re scrolling through lists of ideas. It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we thought this hilarious clothes pin lampshade idea from Charlotte Turtle was way too cool not to include on our list!

13. DIY sisal lamp shade

Perhaps your home decor scheme is actually a little more rustic and you’re feeling kind of intent on keeping it that way if you can help it? Then we’d imagine that making your own pieces has been giving you a lot of creative control lately for times when you can’t quite find things in the style you’re looking for in the stores. Check out how Simply Swider kept things simple and homemade looking by wrapping a length of rope all the way around and down this old lampshade for a sisal effect.

14. Embellished floral Anthropologie knockoff

We’ve all felt breath taken by designer pieces before and there’s absolutely no shame in admiring a brand name thing. The problem, for us, is that it always comes with a brand name price tag to go along with it! We prefer to keep our crafting projects affordable so we can make more of them without breaking the bank. That’s why we were so pleased to find this gorgeous Anthropologie inspired floral piece on How To Nest for Less! They show you how to apply flowers all across the surface of a plain or painted lampshade to give things a bit of pretty character.

15. DIY beaded lamp shade

We’ve mentioned working with beads here and there in this lampshade post, but mostly only as an accessory or embellishment rather than the feature of the piece. Have you been scrolling through wishing we’d change that and let the beads step up front and centre? Then you’re going to love this awesomely kitschy design from Jader Bomb! They show you how to upcycle a long string of old beads to make beaded rows from top to bottom, even adding a chiffon bow for extra pizzazz!

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