How To Repuropse Old Board Games

Make popular crafts out of board games and build your crafts business! Happy Crafting!

1. Board game bags

(Source: About Abbie)

2. Clue piece wine glass charms

(Source: Instrutables)

3. Board game wall art

(Source: Instructables)

4. Board game lamp shade

(Source: Elisabeth James Custom)

5. Twister rain coat

(Source: Craftster)

6. Board game diary

(Source: Instructables)

7. Board game tabletop

(Source: My Repurposed Life)

8. Board game clock

(Source: Instructables)

9. Board game money wallet

(Source: Instructable)

10. Domino clock

(Source: The Art Stack)

11. Game card notebooks

(Source: One Charming Party)

12. Board game picture frames

(Source: Babble)

13. Upcycled board game chair

(Source: They Very Best Top 10)

14. Board Game Shelves

(Source: The Very Best Top 10)

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