How To Upcycle Broken Necklaces

Here are 15 of the most creative projects we’ve come across so far!

1. Broken necklace chains to hoop earrings

Do you actually have a small collection of broken jewelry that has more than just necklaces in it? Then you’re especially lucky! After all, you can upcycled just about anything, so necklaces are not, by any means, the only broken jewelry pieces you can make to get started on re-wearing things you loved accessorizing with before in new ways. This awesome necklace chain and hoop earring set featured on Pinterest is the perfect example of what we mean.

2. DIY gemstone hair pins

Just because your favourite necklace has broken doesn’t mean you can’t salvage the best pieces of it and pay homage by wearing those instead! Particularly if that necklace was a bright one, with lots of cute, eye catching little pieces, we think an idea like this hair pin concept outlined on Tell Love and Party is the perfect way to get the most out of what’s left of your favourite necklace. The jewels that once hung nicely by your collarbone will look just as lovely in your hair!

3. Necklace pendant phone case

Are you the kind of tech lover who considers things beyond just the jewelry you wear to be accessories as well, since you’re constantly holding technology like your cell phone or tablet with you for work? Well, where’s the harm in giving those things a little sparkle as well? Sure, you can do that with glitter and rhinestones to customize your own case, but we like to upcycle whenever and wherever possible.

That’s why we thought the way DIY Projects for Teens used a necklace pendant to create a pretty focal point on a DIY phone case was such a great idea!

4. Rhinestone sweater from a repurposed necklace

We have often seen fantastic clothing alteration tutorials online, but we’ve always wondered where everyone is getting their super unique, largely sized rhinestones from, since you don’t see anything similar at your local craft store? Well, perhaps their area has a better supply or they ordered online, but we’ve found an alternative for you that might make the project easier and more affordable. Pinterest shows you how to make an awesome gem sweater using pieces from a broken necklace!

5. Headband from a broken necklace

Perhaps we really caught your eye when we started talking about turning necklace pieces into adorable hair accessories, but you’ve got very fine hair that doesn’t like to stay fastened in pins on a good day, making the weighted down pins featuring rhinestones even less likely to work for you? In that case, we think you might have better luck with these adorable upcycled necklace hairbands instead! Stella Dot shows you how to make your own using just about any kind of broken necklace and a hair elastic.

6. Necklace chain ring and bracelet

Have you actually always been interested in getting started in jewelry making but you’re hesitant to invest a lot of money in supplies before you’ve tried your hand at the craft? Then making unique pieces out of broken necklace chain is doubly beneficial to you because it’ll not only give you adorable finished pieces, like this pretty bracelet and ring chain created by Chanel Nightmares, but it’ll also give you the practice you’re looking for!

7. Necklace pendant clutch

Have you been saving broken necklace pendants for quite some time now, so you have a wide variety of pieces in similar colour schemes? Then you’re in luck, because you’ll have no trouble creating a new DIY piece that’s simultaneously cohesive looking within itself and unique in the shapes and designs it includes! This adorable clutch that was embellished by Jewelry Pendants using all different shapes and sizes of necklace pendant in teal and blue shades is the perfect example of what we mean.

8. Fabric wrapped bangles with necklace rhinestones

Even when we’re upcycling, we definitely prefer to make something that’s a little more unique looking if we’re going to go to the trouble of creating a piece completely from scratch. That’s why we’re so fond of working with mixed materials and combining textures in unique ways! These bangles made from scrap fabric and broken necklace gems are something we made a number of months ago and have been wearing almost obsessively ever since. See how they’re made in full detail on Sadie Seasongoods.

9. Layered bangles made from broken necklaces and pendants

So far, we’ve shown you how to make pieces out of pendants, chains, full necklaces that are simply missing clasps, and all manner of other necklace pieces and parts. What if, however, you’ve been scrolling through our list still hoping to find something a little more attention grabbing than the things you’ve seen earlier on? Maybe you’re just having some trouble choosing which parts and pieces of which styles of broken necklace you want to use, since you have a wide collection available. In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Hello Hydrangea made these awesomely attention grabbing layered bangles using all of the above!

10. Broken pearl necklace chandelier

Well, we know that a piece of home decor doesn’t exactly fall into the same “accessories” category that most of the other projects we’ve shown you so far would fit into, but who said that you have to stick to making only other things you can wear? Perhaps your personal style is actually quite subtle day to day, which is why you never wore any of the necklaces you’ve accumulated over the years, but you have quite adventurous visual tastes elsewhere, like in your home decor? In that case, we think perhaps My House of Giggles has just the project for you. Check out their tutorial to see how this amazing jewelry chandelier was created using all different strings of pearls!

11. Belt buckle from a necklace pendant

Perhaps the necklace you’ve broken was actually the kind that’s mostly defined by its pendant and there wasn’t really a whole lot else to it? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t upcycle it to make something that gives you a whole lot of impact! For example, we absolutely adore the way Little Things turned a rather plain belt into a very stylish one by affixing a necklace pendant to the buckle.

12. Ear cuffs from broken pearl necklaces

Have you ever browsed the ear cuffs on the jewelry rack of your favourite trendy store and realized that, even though the things you see there are cute, you’re picturing a cuff with a little extra in your mind? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this DIY ear cuff tutorial from Zounds Designs a try! They embellished a plain cuff base using pieces from broken necklaces all linked together in creative shapes to make something a little more dangly and exciting looking.

13. Kitschy necklace and faux flowers lampshade

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about pearled chandeliers but, once again, your personal tastes are just a little bit more flashy than what you saw there? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to go wild for this adorable table lamp idea featured on Pinterest. They suggest embellishing the shade of a small, brightly coloured lamp with not just strings of old pearls, but also pieces from just about any broken necklace you can get your hands on, no matter the colour or style! We love the way they threw in some faux flowers and feathers for a little extra personality.

14. Broken necklace embellished boots

Are the broken necklaces you’ve built a small, rag tag collection from over time actually a little more rustic and worn looking, giving them an aesthetic that’s brought them all the way back around to chic in the way they’ve been weathered? In that case, we have a feeling these rusted necklace and worn jewelry chain embellished leather boots will be right up your alley. Check out how Cowgirl Fashion transformed their old favs in just a few easy steps.

15. Necklace and tassel embellished jean pockets

Whether the broken necklace you’re hoping to upcycle already has the tassels built into its style or whether that’s something you add using trim or yarn, we can’t help but stare at the unique beauty of how this post on Pinterest created a cute pocket lining detail from a dangly necklace on a pair of old jeans! This might look a little bit complicated because of all the different pieces you have involved in the idea, but we assure you it’s actually quite simple so long as you’re prepared to do a bit of easy hand stitching.

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