What This Lady Created With A Few Glass Gems & Some Concrete Is Simply Stunning!

With only a few glass gems, a plastic mold and some rapid set cement, anyone can make these beautiful beach inspired coasters.

All you have to do is follow this detailed video tutorial for all the steps!

Choosing what colored glass gems you would like along with a pattern allows you to get really creative!

Materials needed:

Glass Gems 

Rapid Set Cement

Coaster Mold

Why not get the kids involved this Summer? Once you learn the technique, nothing is stopping you from making bigger pieces like place mats.

Here are the finished coasters, continue scrolling for the video tutorial…

The mosaic style coasters would look so prefect in any home, particularly on your outside dining table, where the gems could catch the sun light beautifully!

Watch the video here and find out how to make them…

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