Foolproof Ways to Keep Flies Out Of Your Home & Garden

I waste hours of my life chasing after flies. First I try to usher them out of an open window, but when that fails, I normally have to resort to the fly swatter. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just stop flies from entering our home and invading our gardens in the first place?

Instead of putting up with the flies, or constantly shooing and swatting, try one of these clever fly repellent ideas.

Plant Fly Repelling Herbs & Plants – There are a number of plants and herbs that have fly repelling properties. Plant some of these around your patio or garden and keep flies from ever entering your garden!

Vanilla-Mint Cups – This simple solution involves cotton balls, vanilla extract, fresh mint, and cheesecloth. The scent is pleasant for your guests, but flies hate it, and will steer clear.

Lemons with Whole Cloves – This solution works the same way as the previous idea. Stick whole cloves in the cut side of a lemon, then place in a bowl and set outside for about 30 minutes prior to the bbq. You won’t see a single fly!

Apple Cider Vinegar Fruit Fly Traps – If you spot fruit flies buzzing around your fruit bowl, indoors or outdoors, whip up one of these simple, non-toxic traps and eliminate your fly problem quickly and smoothly.

Simple Outdoor Fly Trap – This awesome trap can eliminate hundreds of flies from your yard in a single day. This is great for if you have a really awful fly problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Essential Oils Spray – This easy to make spray is non-toxic and safe to use around animals and children, and best of all, keeps all sorts of flies away, including biting flies.

Water and Penny Trick – It wouldn’t seem like putting water and a few pennies into a cup or baggie would help repel flies, but it does! This old trick from Latin America disorients flies and keeps them well away from you.

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