How To Reuse Things You’d Normally Throw Away

From coffee grounds to egg cartons and old t-shirts, this fantastic collection offers many creative ideas on how you can reuse everyday items around your home.

20 Clever Ways To Use Citrus Peels–  Zesty, juicy and refreshing, citrus fruit is always tasty but what about the peels? Instead of throwing them out or composting them, check out the myriad of ways they can be used!

31 Amazing Uses For Lemon Peels – Everyone loves the fresh and juicy taste of lemon, but its uses don’t end there! With everything from effective citrus headache remedies to natural zesty cleaners and even a lemon rind brass polish, you’ll be amazed at how versatile the fruit is!

30 Ways To Use Orange Peels – Make a tasty orange tea, use as a fragrant garbage can deodorizer and so much more. Just don’t throw your orange peels away!

15 Surprising Uses For Egg Shells –  Discover all the surprising things you can do with egg shells…you’ll never put them in the trash again!

17 Foods To Regrow From Scraps –  You’ll be able to slash your grocery bills, reduce your environmental footprint and have a never ending readily available supply of organic fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables with these clever ideas!

14 Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds–  Grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and read through all the ways you can recycle those grounds once you’ve finished drinking!

18 Amazing Uses For Used Teabags –  Soothe tired eyes, fertilize your plants, rust-proof your cookware…who knew that the humble teabag could do so much!

16 Amazing Uses For Banana Peels – It’s always the way that you buy a bunch of bananas that aren’t quite ripe enough to eat, but then you forget about them until it’s too late! Rather than throwing them out this brilliant post offers a variety of ways you can use banana peels so they don’t go to waste!

15 Creative Uses For Egg Cartons –  Got some empty egg cartons? We’ve got 15 fantastic new uses for them!

18 Genius Ways To Reuse Silica Gel Packets – These annoying little packets which pop up everywhere have loads of great uses, so make sure you save them whenever you find them.

34 Amazing Wine Cork Crafts–  With a little imagination and these must have tutorials, you too can create some amazing wine cork crafts.

15 Things To Make From Old Jeans – We all have a favorite pair of jeans that we just cant bring ourselves to part with! Rather than throw them out, take a look through this collection and you’ll find something here to bring them back to life in a way you couldn’t imagine.

31 Things You Can Make Out Of Cereal Boxes –  Looking for a fantastic project to amuse the kids? Or a fun weekend activity? All you need is a cereal box and a bit of craftiness!

18 Creative Things To Do With Old Newspapers –  Crafting materials don’t come much cheaper and easier to find than newspapers and with 18 fun things you can create, you’ll find plenty to do once you’ve finished reading.

24 Useful Ways To Repurpose Milk Cartons – Turn a plastic milk carton into a handy dustpan, a beautiful planter or a simple storage container…the possibilities are endless!

28 Innovative Ways To Use Old T-shirts – You wont believe the number of ways you can re-purpose an old t-shirt. This list will definitely spark some inspiration!

39 Awesome Things To Make From Empty Paper Rolls–  With 39 amazing paper roll crafts, you’ll find plenty here to keep you busy.

60+ Projects To Make With Old Magazines –  Make the most of your old magazines with these easy projects that are great for everyone!

15 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags – Millions of plastic bags are used every single day around the world and we are beginning to struggle with the sheer number being disposed of. A simple way to reduce waste, especially plastic waste, is to reuse your bags and this amazing article will reveal 15 different ways you can do just that!

18+ Eye Catching DIY Wine Bottle Projects – With everything here from lanterns and candle holders to shelves and elegantly rustic vases this list is the ultimate collection of bottle crafts.

20 Fun DIY Tin Can Crafts – Don’t be so quick to throw out your old tin cans, instead upcycle them into wonderful and useful crafts you can use around your home. With 20 amazing and super easy ideas, you won’t be short on inspiration.

12 Creative Bottle Cap Crafts – Trays, coasters, magnets, wind chimes, necklaces…the only limit to crafting with bottle caps is your imagination.

19 Ingenious Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles –  Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away each and every year, taking up millions of feet of landfill. So lets go green and recycle!

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