Small Bedroom Hacks

Check out these 15 small bedroom hacks that will save you time, stress, and your spring cleaning.

1. Double Side Table & Desk

We start over at Apartment Therapy and find some great example of ways to utilize every inch of your small bedroom. If you need both a desk and a side table – pick a piece and have it do double duty. This acts nicely as a place to get your work done and a spot to keep alarm clock too.

2. DIY Laundry Hamper

Hang up and DIY your own laundry hamper. This beautiful project is from Making Nice in the Midwest and will leave a bit more square footage for yourself to work with. Don’t clutter the corners with dirty clothes when you can hang this on your closet door instead.

3. Create a Storage Wall

Refinery 29 really inspired us with this magical, organized wall. It holds all of the essentials in one spot, utilizes every inch, and everything is tidied to perfection. Take notes here and try create both an accent and chic space like this in your own bedroom.

4. Use Trunks

Glitter Guide had us thinking about double-duty pieces as well. Trunks are great for this! They can act as stools and tables all while being storage options for our “stuff” as well. Everything from media to photos to out-of-season clothing or accessories could fit inside.

5. Above-the-Bed Shelving

Another example of using what you’ve got and making it work comes from this beautiful view at Mi Casa. The above-the-bed shelving works on so many levels. It helps you style while finding pieces of the room to decorate that are a bit more surprising than others.

6. Bungee Organization

Check out this easy way to organize smaller items that could just take up space and clutter your corners. We found this brilliant idea over at Brit + Co and they’ll teach your how to make your way through it. Just grab some bungee cords and get to work!

7. Sans Window Dressing

A really easy way to open up a smaller space is to let the light inside. Natural sunlight will help to give the illusion to more room like you see here in this beautiful scene from Erik Olson. Just say farewell to your window dressings!

8. Under the Bed Storage

This may be obvious to some but it’s a good reminder. Use that space under your bed for storage. Whether you create your own or you’re able to find a piece like this from Stylecaster, it will definitely save you a headache while working with a tinier bedroom.

9. Hidden Spots

Sugar & Cloth blew our minds with this beauty. This midcentury side table with hidden storage is not only a DIY project that we can all accomplish but it’s so stylish too! It’s just another way to nix the clutter and keep your smaller space looks chic and sharp.

10. Add Mirrors

Just like with the natural lighting that comes into a room, mirrors can too give the illusion of more space. Utilize them however and wherever you can. You can see here in this room featured on PopSugar how it opens up the bedroom so nicely.

11. Modular Storage DIY

Bright Bazaar created this modular, Ikea-inspired system that would definitely help in your organization and styling vision for your room. And the finished product really does look like a more designer piece come true. Take the leap now and check out the details.

12. Hook The Nightstand

Here’s a DIY hanging nightstand from The Weathered Fox that will clearly give you a bit more floor space if you’re in need. Instead of a nightstand, why not try hanging one of these bad boys instead. It’ll get the job done and keep the clutter at bay too.

13. Jewelry Storage Mirror

A Beautiful Mess has something that you may want to consider as well. This jewelry storage has a mirror to – so it will also kill two birds with one stone so to speak. All you have to do is DIY and personalize the finished product to fit your room’s vision.

14. Utilize Cubbies

Cubbies will become your best friend. You’ll be able to organize your stuff inside the closet or even outside. Just like this photo from The Debrief, you can see how easily double the cubbies up as side tables or nightstands.

15. Hang Your Lamp

Leona Lane even took the lamp out of the picture with this genius idea. Hang up your lamp if you haven’t gotten the space for it. Take the leap now and check out this rad DIY.

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