How To Upcycle Empty Pill Bottles

With modern medicine and pharmacology come lots and lots of pill bottles. And once those scripts are filled and emptied, we’re tasked with finding a way to reuse them.

We’re in luck, though. The shape and strength of modern pill bottles makes them great for tons of uses – from craft tables to tool benches, from organizing to creating, the pill bottle’s utility is limited only by our imaginations.

Take a look below at some creative uses for pill bottles, and then see if they don’t spark you to give it your own creative spin!

Camping survival kit – Any backpacker worth his or her salt knows weight matters. Pill bottles allow you to pack the essentials without weighing you down.

Travel shampoo/conditioner/lotion – It’s the same when you’re traveling – the less you have to pack, the less you have to carry. Pill bottles are perfect for those bathroom items that usually sit in big plastic jugs, like shampoo and
lotion. Just make sure to keep the pill bottles with more liquid items in them in a plastic bag – in case it leaks.

Nail polish remover – Save money and reuse and item by converting an old pill bottle into a nail polish remover container.

Center-pull ball of yarn – What knitter or crocheter doesn’t have an issue with storing yarn? This simple trick could be a game changer.

Crafting/Sewing supplies – These decorated pill bottles can turn your never-ending search for a particular crafting item into short work.

Pill bottle snowman – Imagine all of the cute characters you can dream up with some discarded pill bottles. Start with this snowman.

Rainbow Crayons – Consider this an upcycle two-fer. All you need is a bunch of crayons and some pill bottles.

Painted quarters banks  Transform old pill bottles into cute painted banks for all those wayward quarters around your house.

Pill bottle light garland – Though not appropriate for all homes, this cool project turns a boring string of lights into the perfect college dorm room holiday crafting light collage!

Seed containers – Gardeners of all stripes may need to store seeds from season-to-season. Empty pill bottles are perfect for keeping those seeds dry and ready for planting.

Battery storage containers – This brilliant idea can open up a ton of space on your work bench or junk draw.

Prescription for love – Put an oft-discarded item to use while you score some love points!

Purse trashcan – Another very novel idea that can make your life easier, the purse trashcan is nothing more than an empty pill bottle just waiting to be filled with your refuse.

Earbud storage container – Need a store all those pesky earbuds that you’re bringing on that trip? Put them in an empty pill bottle and you won’t have to deal with tangled cords when you get to your destination.

Eclectic jewelry – Be the hippest, and most frugal, fashionista on the block with these fashion accessories made from your discarded pill bottles.

Cat toy – A little work with the yarn, an empty pill bottle, and some rice or stones and you have a cat toy all the other felines in the house will want.

Pumpkin candy corn dispensers – Mix art and fun together with these halloween-themed pumpkin candy holders made from empty pill bottles. If you have enough, this would be perfect to give out to all the trick or treaters.

Treasure boxes – All you need to do to these empty pill bottles is clean them out, re-decorate them, and then hand them out as gifts for that perfect, hand-made present.

Button organizer – Forget about losing your favorite buttons or other sewing stuff with this amazing organization tip.

Cookie cutouts – Those empty pill bottles have so many uses! But did you know you can use them for cooking, too?

Detergent gage – Again, the empty pill bottle has beyond what you might first suspect. An example of this is this laundry detergent use gage.

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