Unique Uses For Egg Cartons

This round-up of ideas has everything from seed planters, to family games and organizing tips so you can utilize egg cartons all round your home!

Before you throw any more out, take a look through this list and you’ll be amazed at what the humble little box can do!

Egg Carton Paint Tray – You will love this egg carton paint tray almost as much as your kids…they can keep all their colors separate and you can minimize the washing up!

Egg Carton Jewelry Storage – This is a great way to store all your necklaces, ring and bracelets individually. They can each have their own compartment and you’ll never have to de-tangle them again!

Flower Fairy Lights From Egg Cartons – Who would have thought that cardboard egg cups could make such beautiful lighting?

Tabletop Egg Carton Centerpiece – Make your recycled cartons the main attraction with this fantastic decorative tutorial. With a variety of your favorite flowers, you can create a fresh yet rustic centerpiece.

Egg Carton Gift Wrap – Save money on expensive wrapping paper and add a personal touch to your gifts!

Weighing & Measuring With Egg Cartons – Make maths more fun and help your kids to learn with this playful DIY.

Egg Carton Ribbon Organizer –  Practical and useful, the humble egg carton comes in handy yet again!

Seed Planting In Egg Cartons – Using egg cartons to start seeds is a great way to keep them indoors and protect them from the weather. When it gets warmer you can transfer them outside and the biodegradable carton can go along with them!

How To Make An Egg Carton Pendant Light – Make your egg cartons the main feature of the room by grouping them together and creating this fantastic pendant light.

Egg Carton Bead Organizer – The twelve handy compartments of an egg carton are just the right size for organizing your beads.

Egg Carton Ornament Storage – Where better to keep all of your breakable Christmas ornaments than in an egg carton?

Egg Carton Number Toss – This family-friendly game will not only keep your kids active but will help them with their number recognition.

Recycle Egg Cartons Into Beautiful Flowers – Whatever you want to decorate, these egg carton flowers will make it just that extra bit special!

Egg Carton Sewing Box – Transform an egg carton into this handy sewing kit and keep all your needles and threads organized.

How To Make An Egg Carton Fire-Lighter – Need to start a quick fire? If you’ve got a spare egg carton lying around then you’re half way there!

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