15 DIY Cheap Pallet Fence Ideas

If you have been wanting to build a fence, yet cut down on the costs, there is a cheaper alternative – to build it yourself using pallets. Pallets are an amazing alternative to commercial fencing as they are durable, and cheap, even free at times.

1. How to build a simple pallet fence for $0

Morning Chores

2. Pallet picket fence

Adventurous Andersons

3. Gated pallet fence with trellises

Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs

4. Planter topped pallet fence

Naturally Loriel

Half-height garden pallet fence

Garden Edit

6. Dressed up reclaimed wood chain link fence

Smile and Wave

7. Movable jumbo pallet gate on wheels

99 Pallet Ideas

8. Pallet wood garden fence


9. Pallet fence patio surround

1001 Pallets.

10. Rustic, eclectic pallet wood fence

99 Pallets

11. Extra simple pallet wood with peaked tips

The Do It Yourself World

12. Pallet wood fence gate


13. Full pallet veggie garden fence

The Crafty Gemini.

14. Alternating direction full pallet fence

Realeyes Homestead

15. Mini side garden fence

Camelot Art Creations

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