18 Cool Wall Hanging DIYs

Browse through our unique printables and pick your favorite. From mountains to oceans, we’ve created pieces that will complement your current wall decor or can stand out on their own.

1. Yarn


2. Weaved

A Beautiful Mess

3. Tassels

Homey Oh My

4. Ring

Lauren Conrad

5. Macrame

Classy Clutter.

6. Photos

Homey Oh My

7. Pom Poms


8. Chains

A Beautiful Mess

9. Stars

Lia Griffith

10. Latch Hook

A Beautiful Mess.

11. Strings


12. Modern


13. Greenery

the glam shack

14. Clay


15. Succulents

No Compass Necessary

16. Moon Phases

Be Makeful

17. Rainbow

Pure Sweet Joy

18. Scraps

Moms and Crafters

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