Amazing DIY Cake Stands

1. Cheerful wooden square stand


In This Wonderful Life teaches you the steps for attaching separate wooden pieces together, but not before you’ve painted them your favourite colour! This craft is affordable and quite easy, making it a great option for special occasions with themes or colour schemes. You can make a custom one that matches the rest of the decor quite easily.

2. Repurposed plates and glasses cake stands


Do you have a whole stash of old plates and glasses that are still in good shape but that you simply don’t use anymore? Give them a new lease on life by turning the glasses upside down and attaching a plate to the bottom of each glass, just like Brit + Co. did!

3. Upcycled plate and martini glass cake stand


Do you like the repurposed plate idea but you’d rather a look that’s slightly fancier than just an upside down glass on the bottom? Try using a decorative dessert dish or a martini glass as the stand instead! Paint the glass and its partnered plating whatever bright colour you like for a pop art feel, just like these ones from Centsational Girl.

4. Decorated coffee can cake stand


Does a thicker stand make you feel better about the size of the cake you’ll be piling atop it? Mod Podge Rocks has the perfect solution for you! Decorating an empty coffee tin gives you a completely different upcycled look than using an ornate glass does. We love this washi tape design, for example.

5. DIY wire cake stand


The Merry Thought walks you through the steps for creating this lovely handmade cake stand done by bending wire into nice shapes. Make it as large or as small as you need, depending on the size of the cake you plan on making!

6. DIY terracotta cake stand


Do you have an excess of terracotta planters or pots? They make an awesome (and very solid) cake stand if you flip both pieces upside down! Give them a clean white coat of paint (or decorate them however you like) first to really make it look nice. See how it’s done on Tara Dennis.

7. Rustic wooden DIY cake stand


Does your kitchen aesthetic or the decor scheme or your event have a rustic, natural feel that you’d like to keep consistent? Try making these pretty little wooden cake stands by Tikkido rather than some of the more modern looking options on this list!

8. DIY sprinkled plate and candlestick cake stand


Do you find that most of your baking and treat making takes place around people’s birthdays? Embrace that right into the theme of your DIY cake stand by covering it in sprinkles! This particular sprinkled stand by 1 Fine Cookie is made form a plate and a candle stick that have been attached, painted blue, covered in sprinkles, and sealed.

9. Tart pan cake stand


Sweet Paul Mag guides you through the process of upcycling some old baking supplies to make new ones! A series of tart trays in decreasing sized makes the perfect stand for small cakes, cupcakes, or cookies.

10. Plate and flower vase DIY cake stands


Do you like the idea of having an intricate pottery pattern incorporated into your cake stand but you don’t actually do pottery yourself? You can still get the effect by using a decorative vase as the stand part of your cake stand, paired with a plate for the tray! See how it’s made on Design Sponge.

11. Upsidedown tart pan cake stand


Did you like the idea of using old tart or pie pans to make your own cake stand but you only have one instead of three? You’re not at a loss yet! Nifty Thrifty shows you how to make a simple singular stand with an upside down tart tin rather than the tiered design.

12. Owl statue DIY cake stand


Perhaps you’d like to make a stand with a little more character than a simple painted glass or candlestick allows? Consider making it an actual character! A small statue can be transformed into the stand part of a cake stand surprisingly easily. Check out how Green Wedding Shoes made this owl stand, for example!

13. Differently levelled cake stand set


In case you’re interested in making an entire set of cake stands of all different sizes, styles, and colours, here’s an awesome, easy tutorial for many different types of DIY stands from Sweet Sugar Belle! We’d be willing to bet that they have something that will tickle your cake display fancy.

14. DIY tiered cake stand


Perhaps you liked the idea of the tiered baking stand but you don’t have the tart tins that the other idea required? Don’t worry! You can make one just as easily out of painted plates instead. We love these bright, colourful stands by Shelterness.

15. Glitter cake stand


Do you love all things that sparkle and shine? The Sweetest Occasion walks you through the process of making a cake stand that’s completely covered in glitter! Just make sure you put a paper doily down first if you plan on displaying a cake that doesn’t have it’s own paper casing like a cupcake does. The glitter is sealed, so it shouldn’t get on the cake, but all DIY enthusiasts know how unruly glitter can be!

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