Cool DIY Photo Displays

1. Wreath

01-DIY-Photo- House

Postal Pix created a wreath that doubles as a photo display area. We love this quirky project and think it’s perfect for dorm rooms!

2. Faux Canvas

02-DIY-Photo- House

Learn how to create a “canvas” right at home with some help from Place of My Taste. You’ll have something beautiful for the hallways or dining room in no time.

3. Clotheslines

03-DIY-Photo- House

Little Inspiration teaches us how to bring those Instagram shots to life right at home. We love this adorable display idea!

4. Clipboards

04-DIY-Photo- House

Check out this snazzy project at White House Black Shutters. You can display the kids’ artwork or your favorite family memories – the best part is the versatility of change!

5. Magnets

05-DIY-Photo- House

Photojojo has something extra unique for us to try out. Turn your Insta photos into fridge magnets! It’s a great way to display in a subtle way!

6. Old Books

06-DIY-Photo- House

It’s Always Autumn makes a frame out of an older book and we love it! It’s just a fun way to sneak a family photo into the decor.

7. Hearts

07-DIY-Photo- House

Visit It’s Always Autumn if you want something a bit sweeter. Turn your little snapshots into a heart display inside the house!

8. Floating Shelves

08-DIY-Photo- House

Over the Big Moon will show you how to make photo displays that fill up some floating shelves. It’s chic, it’s clean and you’ll fit a lot of beautiful memories in.

9. Vintage Windows

09-DIY-Photo- House

Grab some vintage windows and use them to get this project rolling. These pieces can easily turn into something beautiful and new for the home. (via)

10. Canvas Frames

10-DIY-Photo- House

If you want something inexpensive plus modern and chic, run over to The Budget Decorator now and learn how to turn canvases into frames.

11. With Wire

11-DIY-Photo- House

Liz Marie shows us how to combine wood and wire to make something quite beautiful for your house. Display photos, art and more with this creation!

12. Chalkboard

12-DIY-Photo- House

i am doe shows us how to utilize our chalkboard walls and turn them into something super sweet. Your best memories can easily be on display!

13. Postcard Racks

13-DIY-Photo- House

We found this idea floating around and we’re swooning for it too. If you happen upon some vintage racks … use them! (via)

14. Mobile

14-DIY-Photo- House

Hey Wanderer shows us how to make an adult-inspired mobile with our favorite snapshots. Whether they’re 4×6 or polaroid prints .. turn them into bigger pieces of art.

15. Coasters

15-DIY-Photo- House

aka design gives us another unique way to show off our own photos. Turn them into coasters for the living room!

16. Pendants

16-DIY-Photo- House

Or you can show off in style and turn your favorite photos into pendants. PopSugar has all the details.

17. Clock

17-DIY-Photo- House

You could always create a clock and slide some family photos into that as well. Honest to Nod is where you’ll find this unique tutorial.

18. Embroidery Hoop

18-DIY-Photo- House

My So Called Crafty Life makes some family portraits hoops that we’re so in love with. Follow the link and learn how now!

19. Wood

19-DIY-Photo- House

Check out eHow and learn how to transfer one of your favorite photos onto a piece of wood. It’s such a unique and artistic way to display.

20. Geo

20-DIY-Photo- House

The Caldwell Project took a modern, geometric idea and turned it into a quirky photo display. Check out the details after the jump.

21. Hangers

21-DIY-Photo- House

Old Brand New gives us a unique and easy idea as well. Grab some hangers and use them as the foundation to your wall photo display.

22. Pallet Frames

22-DIY-Photo- House

And finally, Southern Revivals used pallets in their photo display vision. Visit and grab a peek at the tutorial tonight.

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