Amazing DIY Flower Crowns

These 20 DIY flower crowns will make all of your fairy-tales come true by bringing to life those same, magical styles. Fresh flowers or ones from the craft store, let’s take a peek at home to whip some up right at home.

1. Super Colorful

Buzzed starts us off with this beautiful, colorful flower crown that you can whip up in an afternoon for all kinds of celebrations. Take the leap now!

2. “Perfect”

Over at Cosmo, you’ll learn how to make this “perfect” flower crown to match your personality and favorite colors. Choose wisely and take some photos afterwards for us to see!

3. Cherry Blossom

We’re swooning for this cherry blossom beauty we found over at Brit + Co. For a tea party with the gals or just for fun, it’s a fun little accessory to create.

4. Monochromatic

The House That Lars Built went the monochromatic route. Depending on the vision of the event or photoshoot you’re creating, this may be exactly the kind of inspiration you need!

5. Baby’s Breath

Beau-Coup stuck with delicate baby’s breath for their flower crown. These are perfect for weddings or specifically for the bridesmaids and flower girls!

6. Fall Colors

Do you love fall and the colors surrounding the season? If so, check out this flower crown from A Beautiful Mess inspired by them!

7. Big & Little

Camille Styles made big ones and little ones for gals of all sizes. Check them out after the jump!

8. Silk Boho

You can use silk flowers to make your floral piece come to life. Learn how to whip this beauty up over at Green Wedding Shoes.

9. Midsummer

Honestly WTF went with a “midsummer” theme filled with texture and color. Take the leap and enjoy this easy-to-follow tutorial.

10. 90’s Inspired

We’re swooning for all things inspired by the 90’s and that goes double for this flower crown from Design Sponge. Create something with a bit of a throwback appeal!

11. Crepe Paper

Honestly WTF used crepe paper for this creation. Hop on over and check out all the details now.

12. Felt

Felt works too. You’ll have to learn how to turn the fun arts and crafts material into flowers, but that’s all part of the fun! (via)

13. Party Hat

Okay, so these aren’t actually “flower crowns” but they floral party hats that we’ve fallen in love with. Grab the directions over at Oh Happy Day.

14. Silk Orange & Pink

Green Wedding Shoes went with silk flowers here too. This time there’s a bright and vivacious theme throughout, paying home to our favorite orange and pink shades.

15. Asymmetrical

Here’s a flower crown with a bit of a unique twist. Make one with a more eclectic presence and an asymmetrical design with help from A Practical Wedding.

16. Plush & Bold

A Practical Wedding went with a plush and bold design that will look good on any of the ladies in your wedding or on you too, maybe for a birthday celebration? Check it out after the jump!

17. Summer Festival

The Wonder Forest whipped up this beauty and we found it to be the perfect accessory don at a summertime festival. Don’t you think?

18. Summer Halo

We loved that this design was fashioned as a “summer halo” and how romantic the finished product is. Learn how to make your own at Style Me Pretty.

19. Daisies

Refinery29 was inspired by daisies with their flower crown design. Perfect for some springtime fun, it’s quite easy to make as well!

20. Bohemian

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