Awesome DIY Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

1 Garden Bottle Tree. Garden Bottle Tree: This hub is about bottles trees, how to make one and reuse junk. (via moonlake)


2 How to Flatten Wine Bottles

How to Flatten Wine Bottles: Flattened wine bottles can be used as personalized wall art, elegant serving trays and also make a unique gift for friends or family. (via eHow)

3 Bird Feeders


Bird Feeders (via the garden-roof coop)

4 Rainbow Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier


Rainbow Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier (via Saved by Love Creations)

5 Collaged Map Wine Bottle


Collaged Map Wine Bottle (via Karen Kavett)

6 Spring Vases


Spring Vases: Don’t you just love good wine bottle crafts? I think they are the best. First you have to start with emptying the wine bottles…that is such hard work. Then you get to have some fun crafting and at the end you have something pretty to use or look at. What’s not to love?Today, I’ve got a (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

7 Wine Bottle Citronella Candles


Wine Bottle Citronella Candles: Replace your old, weathered tiki torches with beautiful, colorful DIY wine bottle citronella candles. (via Hello Glow)

8 Glittery Wine Bottle


Glittery Wine Bottle: Do you love good wine bottle crafts? I know I do. First you have to start by emptying the wine bottle…it makes the craft so hard, but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do in order to have some fun crafting time. I’ve got a pretty and glittery wine bottle craft for you today that you can (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

9 Self-Watering Glass Planters


Self-Watering Glass Planters (via Little Projectiles)

10 Sprucing Up Wine Bottles


Sprucing Up Wine Bottles (via One House One Couple)

11 Wine Bottle Art with Chalkboard Paint


Wine Bottle Art with Chalkboard Paint: Create beautiful, handmade and unique decorations for your home using recycled wine bottles, chalkboard paint, and waterproof paint markers! (via zigposterman)

12 Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles


Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles (via Her Campus)

13 Wine Bottle Candle Holders Tea Light


Wine Bottle Candle Holders Tea Light (via ConversationGlass)

14 Spray Painted Bottles


Spray Painted Bottles: DIY Home and Design (via Homey Oh My!)

15 Modern Herb Garden


Modern Herb Garden: Ben Uyeda recently created a great video for FreeGreen that shows how to make a stylish modern herb garden from several recycled wine bottles for under $30. (via inhabitat)

16 Winter Centerpiece


Winter Centerpiece: Today, I’m back with an easy and beautiful wine bottle craft for you. You may have seen my post about the Winter Centerpiece I made from wine bottles and Epsom salt, if you haven’t you can click over and take a look. It’s OK, I’ll wait here for you. 🙂 In this post I’m going to show you how to put (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

17 Wine Bottle Succulent Planters


Wine Bottle Succulent Planters: These little succulent planters make a great housewarming or “just because” gift. Once I got the bottle cutting down, I couldn’t stop making them! (via La Crema)

18 Photo Collage Wine Label


Photo Collage Wine Label: This photo collage wine label is such an easy DIY that turns an ordinary bottle of wine into a gift! (via Twinspiration)

19 A chair made from wine bottles


A chair made from wine bottles: Its wine o’clock (somewhere) which means its time to share a wine-related repurposing find:A chair made from wine bottles. (It was featured in a previous Unconsumption post on chairs made from… (via Unconsumption)

20 Tiki Torches


Tiki Torches: I’m not a crafter. I don’t have the patience for it. And I usually end up gluing my fingers together or inhaling glitter. But every once in a while, I find inspiration . . . and (shocker), wine is involved. Lookie what I made . . . Wine Bottle Tiki Torches! A couple of weeks (via The Armchair Sommelier)

21 Modular Shelving


Modular Shelving: Ten Green is a modular shelving system, constructed simply from local recyclates. This prototype was built with the Coach House Trust in Glasgow, using bottles from their recycling center, and wood from the maintenance of their own sites. You can use any found timber, and adapt the dimensions to suit the wood you are working with. Some examples are for sale at our shop here. Design is released under a share alike/attribution CC license by Zero-waste Design. (via royshearer)

22 Bottle Pendant Lamps


Bottle Pendant Lamps (via iLoveToCreate Blog)

23 Wine Bottle Rope Beachy Ballard


Wine Bottle Rope Beachy Ballard (via Cameo Cottage Designs)

24 Burlap Wine Bottle Bags


Burlap Wine Bottle Bags (via SouthHouseBoutique)

25 Easy Upcycle Vase


Easy Upcycle Vase: Empty wine bottles have become a new obsession for me. I cant pass one without pausing to consider how it could be upcycled much like wood pallets. Cutting wine bottles is surprisingly simple, as you will see in the (via Totally Green Crafts)

26 Ombre Frosted Wine Bottle


Ombre Frosted Wine Bottle (via Saved by Love Creations)

27 Frosty Bottle Centerpiece


Frosty Bottle Centerpiece: Extremely easy to make and absolutely beautiful as a frosty looking centerpiece, these recycled bottles take on a whole new life! You can find a full tutorial for this project at Carol au Courant. And the great thing? They take (via Totally Green Crafts)

28 Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser


Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser: Do you find that adding something pretty makes a yucky or boring task just a little bit better? Or is that just me? Today, I’ve got a wine bottle craft tutorial for you on making your own pretty soap dispenser.This craft is really easy and pretty quick to put together. I love the end result of my (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

29 Wine Bottle LED Lamp


Wine Bottle LED Lamp: Make This Cool LED Lamp by Drilling a Single Hole. Easily make this cool lamp with a wine bottle and a set of cheap AA battery powered LED string lights. Go find yourself a nice wine bottle from your collection in the garage, (if you need to drink the wine first, it’s best to wait until the following day before making the lamp lol!) Any shape or color works really, the more exotic and colorful the better. Soak and scrape off any labels etc. Gather together your drill and a glass cutting drill bit. Glass bits are cheap to buy at your local DIY store. There are two ways to do this project… Drill a hole big enough to thread the cable from your LED set through. Measure the size of the cable. I used 6mm in this one. or Drill a hole big enough to thread the actual LED lamps into your bottle, measure the size of the lamps. These were 8mm or so. I wanted to shorten the cable to the battery box anyway, so I opted for a small hole to thread the cable though, pulling the LEDs into the (via

30 Mercury Glass Bottles


Mercury Glass Bottles: A blog about home decor and more. Home decorating ideas, tips and tricks. Home decorating on a budget and great home decor finds. (via The Joy of Decorating)

31 Water Fountain


Water Fountain: Desire a unique water feature? From wine bottles & old kettles, to vintage sinks… this collection will have you saying “I want to make a water fountain!” (via Funky Junk Interiors)

32 Boho Wine Bottle Vase Centerpiece


Boho Wine Bottle Vase Centerpiece: Upcycle wine bottles with this boho take on a fresh floral centerpiece. (via Mom Spark)

33 Puff Paint Bottle Vases


Puff Paint Bottle Vases: Don’t pitch your empty wine bottles; turn them into wine bottle vases! Puff paint and spray paint are all you need to make your design look fabulous! (via Everyday Dishes)

34 Bottle Heart


Bottle Heart (via openhouse)

35 Wine Bottle Lamp Series


Wine Bottle Lamp Series: Retail store design – Furniture – Visual Merchandising – Branding – Materials – Lighting – ECO (via Retail Design Blog)

36 Make Wine Bottle Pendant Lights


Make Wine Bottle Pendant Lights: DIYNetwork has instructions on how to make pendant lights from old wine bottles. (via DIY Network)

37 Paint Dipped Wine Bottle Vases


Paint Dipped Wine Bottle Vases: Flowers are a great way to add color to your home. But you need to use vases that are stylish and match with your home decor. Luckily, there are plenty of (via Homedit)

38 Recycled Glass Wine Bottle Candlestick Holders


Recycled Glass Wine Bottle Candlestick Holders (via Rehabulous)

39 Wine and Lace Centerpieces


Wine and Lace Centerpieces: Hi there! It’sAmber here from Amber Lay Events. This week I’m excited to share a brand new DIY Tutorial featuring an artistic way to repurpose those empty (via Hostess with the Mostess®)

40 Rhinestone Wine Bottle Picture Frame

Rhinestone Wine Bottle Picture Frame (via Mallycat)

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