Awesome Ways To Use Empty Bottles

We’ve compiled a fabulous list of 15 clever ways to use empty bottles.

1. Cut-Out Vase

Beauty Lab took some empty bottles and created this modern but-out vases. Chic and smooth, they’re easy to bring to life and will be a super versatile new accessory for the house. It’s a wonderful way to bring in fresh florals the house.

2. Candle Holders

Of course, you could always take Ruffled‘s idea and bring that to life. Need a new place to pack your candles? Throw out the candelabra and light up the dinner table with these beauties.

3. Glass Tumblers

Brit + Co featured this fabulous, upcycled DIY and we instantly fell in love. Those old wine bottles would turn into some snazzy new tumblers. Follow the directions closely on this one!

4. Painted Vases

The Sway went into color mode with their idea. Those bottles can easily be transformed into beautiful, vivacious vases for the hole. Pick your shades and spend an afternoon revamping them.

5. Ombre Bud Vases

We’re in serious love with these boho-inspired beauties. The ombre accent really helps to create a unique look. Check out all the details by following along at DIYing & Upcycling.

6. Whiskey Tiki Torch

ManMade DIY grab an old whiskey bottle and really turned it into something both functional and stylish! Add some personality to the back porch with this one. Visit now and catch all the details.

7. Mounted Vases

Create some wall mounts with those old bottles. Don’t throw them out, just create something brand new for the house. Visit Shanty 2 Chic and learn how to make this new project your rainy day activity.

8. Fall Centerpiece

Place Of My Taste had this gorgeous, fall-inspired centerpiece featured and we had to snatch it up to showcase as well. We love the golden tone and how it can become such an inexpensive and easy way to highlight the season. Hop on over now and you’ll get a peek at a host of great inspiration.

9. Dish Soap Dispenser

Living Well Spending Less has so many frugal and fun ideas up their sleeve. Those glass bottles you have, well, they can become this easier than you may think. Take the leap and dive in to the tutorial.

10. Sequins Décor

A Little Craft in Your Day added a bit of paint and sequins to their bottles. And we’re loving the glam finished product. Perfect for parties and the like, have the gals over for a crafting night!

11. Dream Jar

Pinterest always tickles our fancy when it comes to unique ideas. We snatched this one because it was just too darn charming. Turn that old bottle into a dream jar for the entire family to contribute to.

12. Mercury Glass

Here’s another centerpiece idea for those wanting to jazz up the dining room table. Whether you want to pull it off for the winter season or just New Year’s Eve, it fits nicely. Check it out closer at Living Locurto.

13. Mini Bud Vases

Julie Measures whipped up some mini bud vases from some old nail polish bottles. Even those can be cleaned our and reused for something extra special. These are perfect for lining windowsills and desks.

14. Bottle Lamp

If you’re really feeling crafty, check out this unique idea from Lana Red. Taking an old bottle and turning it into something new is innovative. But turning it into a lamp is exceptionally creative, don’t you think?

15. Glitter-Dipped Vases

Décor 8 grabbed the glitter, and we’re not mad! Some old wine bottles or glass soda bottles can be dipped in paint and sparkle quite easily. Use them as vases or holiday decor!

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