Amazing DIYs For Your Kids

1. Scented Sidewalk Chalk

Bitz & Giggles went a step further and not only made chalk but made it scented! Have the kiddos gather round and tackle this rainy day project. Then, once the rain dries up, they can go outside and use their creation.

2. Bouncy Balls

Yes, you can even create bouncy balls from scratch! And we’re sure the kiddos will love that idea. Grab all the details by visiting our friends at The 36th Avenue.

3. Squirt Gun Painting

Fireflies and Mudpies got us so excited with this project! There’s so much creativity and innovation involved in this idea. It’s a way to get the kids outside and get their artsy ways flowing!

4. Cork Sailboats

Save some corks for this rad project. We’re loving how charming these cuties are. And the kids can be giving stickers, paint, and the like to personalize their own design. Check it out at Mama Papa Bubba.

5. Wooden Robot

Adventure in a Box used wooden blocks to create this charming little robot friend. Each of the kids can make one of their own and then personalize its face, name, etc. It’s a great way to spark some creative play afterwards too.

6. Dish Towels

Creating some new dish towels for the kitchen could be a great way to get the kids’ creativity flowing (and get you some new pieces to use!). Check out the details behind this particular design by visiting I Can Teach My Child.

7. Cardboard Sewing Machine

Little Red Window has one of our favorite projects up their sleeve! We’re absolutely swooning for this cardboard sewing machine. Not only can the kids help to make it – it will provide so much opportunity for pretend play afterwards.

8. Laundry Basket See Ball

DIYs don’t have to be super artsy, instead they can be something more along the lines of what’s happening at Frugal Boys. Your band of boys or girls can get together and create a skee ball game right at home. Just grab some laundry baskets to get started.

9. Gum

DIYs for Teens made gum and we’re all about it. Who knew you could make chewing gum right at home? Your kiddos are going to want to know how it happens and you can do it right alongside of them.

10. Eggshell Seed Starters

A Simple Pantry grabbed some eggshells to get their project off the ground. And this project will keep on … growing and growing. Hop on over their now and get started now!

11. Rice Krispy Treat Lamp Pops

Hungry Happenings went with an edible DIY that we’ve fallen in love with. They’re yummy too, so, that’s an extra bonus. These are rice Krispy treats shaped like lambs – trust us, the little ones will want to make them.

12. Clothespin Caterpillars

DIY Inspired shows us how to create some clothespin caterpillars. Pom poms will get your started but make sure you don’t forget the googly eye – it really finished everything off nicely.

13. Chocolate Pudding

Who wants to learn how to make some chocolate pudding from scratch? It’s a kid-favorite so it’s only natural that they may want to help you out in the kitchen with its making. Grab the recipe at Moms Need To Know.

14. Pom Pom Bunnies

Ikat Bag used pom poms for their fun project too. But this time, tiny bunnies were made! Your little guys and gals may want to make an entire batch to play with.

15. Galaxy Slime

Ikat Bag used pom poms for their fun project too. But this time, tiny bunnies were made! Your little guys and gals may want to make an entire batch to play with.

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