Unique DIY Projects To Recycle Your Old CDs

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? We’d be willing to bet you are! Old discs are a great DIY opportunity, so check out these 13 fun ideas for getting creating with them.

1. DIY doodle discs

Moms and Crafters shows you how to create disc are that looks like a negative or a silhouette. Simply paint the surface on one or both sides black, wait for the paint to dry, and then use a pin to carefully scratch a drawing or sketch into the paint. Hang it up by a ribbon through the middle if you’ve drawn on both sides, or consider turning it into a coaster or a fridge magnet if you’ve only drawn on one.

2. CD mosaic backsplash

Have you always admired the reflective side of CDs and DVDS, turning them back and forth under the light to see all the prism colours that show up in the shiny metal? Then consider using that as awesome decor! The Snug shows you how to break discs into pieces and transform them into a backsplash that will make your kitchen more mod looking than ever.

3. Reflective mosaic bird bath

Do you adore the idea of using the reflective side of a CD or DVD somewhere in your home decor but you’re not quite ready to commit an entire wall in your home to it? Try making an accent piece for your patio instead! Find out how to piece together a flashy bird bath using mosaic techniques on Me and My DIY.

4. Kaleidoscope earrings

Maybe you love the metallic gaslight shades on the back of CDs and DVDs so much that you wish you could actually wear it? Well, thanks to La Chica Meow, you actually can! Check out their tutorial for using tiny pieces of disc to make these awesomely reflective kaleidoscope earrings.

5. Disc dream catchers

Have your kids recently learned about dream catchers in school and now they’re obsessed with the idea of weaving and beading their own? You can help them make a catcher affordably using discs as your frames, scrap yarn from your knitting stash, and beads from their last obsession with friendship bracelets. Check out how these ones were made on Pink Stripey Socks!

6. CD and balloon kids hovercraft project

Have you rented a helium machine for your kids’ birthday party so they can fill all kinds of balloons and let them float to the ceiling? While you’re setting out the balloons pre-party, set out some discs and markers too. Have them decorate the discs and then follow the steps on Hello, Wonderful to attach a helium balloon so the disc floats like a mini hover craft!

7. Reused CD snail craft

For this adorable kids craft, all you need besides a disc is some yarn, some cardboard, and some googly eyes! Cut out a snail body and colour or paint it, then glue a piece of yarn around the disc so it looks like the pattern of a snail’s shell. Glue the eyes and “shell” to the snail and voila! Check it out on Toddler Approved.

8. “Ring Around the Rosie” spinning CD top

Lalymom guides you through the steps for designing and printing a little circular image of your kids holding hands like they’re playing a game of Ring Around the Rosie. Use two apple sauce snack lids attached through the centre of the disc to make a middle like a spinning top, and give it a spin!

9. Glowing CD lamp

Do you have a whole pile of discs that you’d love to use up all at once? Why not consider making some awesome decorative lighting with it? We love the way this simple lamp idea lets the light shine through the discs, creating a blue metallic glow. Check the idea out in more detail on Photo Creations.

10. Stenciled CD and DVD coasters

If you ask us, the idea of using old discs as drink coasters is just plain smart! It looks modern chic, they’re easy to wipe off when you’re done, and most people have them lying around in bulk so you can make yourself a whole set. Try creating floral patterned coasters like Crafts by Amanda or decorate them however you please!

11. CD and Styrofoam photo clip

Do you love when your kids help you craft things that you can use to decorate your desk at work? This idea from Crafts n’ Coffee is perfect because it’s a reminder of your kids, but it also lets you put their picture up so you can think of family throughout the day. The base is an old CD or DVD!

12. Disc and ribbon curtain pull backs

When we first looked at this idea, we had no idea that there was even a CD or DVD involved! Our Peaceful Planet guides you through the process of cutting the centre out of a disc, wrapping it in ribbon, and decorating it with material flowers. Feed your curtains through and catch them there with a branch or other decorative piece.

13. Small CD wall clock

Are you a huge fan of novelty clocks, but particularly when they’re ones you can make yourself? We love this idea from Morena’s Corner because it’s a unique design, but it’s also a great way to upcycle a disc! Stencil whatever you like in the centre or borrow this cute butterfly idea.

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