DIY Rugs Anyone Can Make To Upgrade Your Home

Alright, let’s start with the honest truth…Rugs are expensive – fact!

There’s no way to get around that but rugs are so pretty and useful! Here’s our solution: Make your own rug! You’ll avoid the process of trying to find that perfect shade of [insert color here] to match your design or trying to find the right size rug when you can customize it to your liking.

We’ve collected a great selection of rug tutorials here for all different styles. Many involve little to no sewing even! So sit back, relax, and enjoy finding your perfect rug.

Rope Rug – This fabric rope rug makes a fun and striking addition to any room. This DIY is rather sewing and labor intensive (lots of twisting fabric around rope) and you’ll need plenty of room depending on how big of a rug you want to make. But the end result – totally worth it!

Tablecloth Rug – This rug is similar to a drop cloth rug but makes us of a beautifully patterned tablecloth! The step-by-step process could be utilized to turn any sort of heavy fabric into a rug, but tablecloth requires no sewing!

Drop Cloth Rug – Create a gorgeous, hand-painted rug with your own pattern with this tutorial! Drop cloth rugs are great for brightening up any space and are totally customizable. They can be designed to fit any size space and they’re super durable!

Faux Fur Rug – Fur rugs can be a great addition to a room to create a more cozy feel. The downside? They aren’t cheap and they’re high maintenance. This tutorial shows you how to make a cheap – and washable – faux fur rug for a reasonable price!

Braided T-shirt Rug – If you’re anything like us you have old t-shirts laying around that you don’t wear anymore but can’t part with. Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Here is a way to make use of those old shirts to create something fun and functional for your home! The best part – there’s no sewing involved.

Metallic Faux Zebra Rug – Animal print rugs are always an eclectic addition to a room, but metallic colors? Even better! This easy and excellent tutorial will help you create a striking rug. Mix it up and try out different animal print patterns!

Painted Rugs – Love the fun geometric rugs you see in stores? Hate the price? Us too, that’s why we found this easy solution! Buy some cheap plain rugs and create your own patterns and designs to paint on them.

Wrapped Rope Rug – These rugs definitely give off a fun nautical feel and each piece is made separately so you can customize it to fit the size or shape you might need!

Floor Cloth Rug – Floor cloth rugs are a great way to liven up a space that doesn’t get a ton of foot traffic. You can use any fabric that you like so they are completely customizable for your decor! They aren’t super durable though, so keep them in mind when picking a spot for it.

Rag Rug – This is a great project to use up scraps of fabric you might have laying around or raid the bargain bin at your local craft or fabric store. They’re plush, easy to make, and can be made to any size. Keep in mind that the larger you go, the longer it’s going to take to latch hook all of those little strips of fabric.

Swirl Rug – This project started off as a eclectic and fun wall tapestry, but it also makes a great floor runner to liven up a hall way! Make use of any craft scraps you might have laying around to add color and interest to the project.

Pom Pom Accent Rug – These yarn pom poms are colorful and fun! They’re easy to make but you’ll need a lot of them to make a large rug. Just imagine how cool that would be to roll around on, though!

T-shirt Latch Hook Rug – This fun rug creates an interesting texture when it’s done. Made with dyed strips of t-shirts, this is a thrifty and customizable rug for any room of the house. Mix up colors for an even cooler design!

Woven Rag Rug – This plush rug makes and great and durable addition to a kitchen or bathroom. Picking fun patterns for your fabric makes it personal and this one is a great no-sew!

Chevron Rug – Utilizing patterns and techniques from friendship bracelets, this rug design is fun, easy, and  creates a thick, squishy final product. Mix and match colors to find something that suits your own tastes!

Pot Holder Rug – This is such a great idea for a kitchen! Potholders come in so many fun colors and designs but you never really need a bunch of them around the house. This is a great way to incorporate all that fun in your house without taking up unnecessary space.

Typography Rug – While this particular rug doesn’t actually say anything (trust me, we looked really hard), imagine creating a rug like this with actual typography designs! It would be gorgeous! The process pictures for this one are pretty clear and easy to follow.

Braided Door Mat – This stunning braided rope rug has great durability and a nautical feel. It’s really not as hard as it looks either! The tutorial breaks it down into easily digestible chunks of information .

Wine Cork Mat – There are always some of use around – the ones that have been hoarding wine corks for a project that we haven’t quite determined yet. Well this is a pretty great use for those! It looks classy and it’s great for the bathroom!

Burlap Rug – This particular tutorial uses an old coffee bag, but you could just as easily use any kind of burlap for this rug. You could even print your own design on it for a more personal touch!

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