Spooky DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Decorations line the aisles of craft stores by the dozens. But why settle for generic decorations when you can let out your creative and creepy side to create some amazing and fun displays of weirdness?

We enjoy Halloween decor as much as any other person. We also like crafty DIY projects. Why not put the two together?

We’ve compiled a list of awesome DIY Halloween decorations for your viewing pleasure. Some are simple and understated to get you in the season without going over the top. While others are intense and spook-tacular to really kick the mood into high gear!

Pick your poison, we’ve found something for everyone!

Snake Wreath – Frightening and fun, this serpent adorned wreath would make a great addition to an Halloween decor. Change it up with a few other creepy crawlies and you’ve got yourself a classy but terrifying piece of seasonal fun! Follow the link for easy-to-follow instructions.

Eyeball Roses – How subtly creepy! Imagine admiring a beautiful floral display only to find it admiring you right back! This one is super easy; just hot glue a fake eyeball into the center of a fake rose, or other flower, and enjoy!

Floating Candles – Just like the Great Hall in Harry Potter, fill your party with magical floating candles! These can make a fun addition to a magic-filled party or even in a spooky haunted house. The DIY is straightforward and detailed.

Yarn-wrapped Candy Corn – For a cute and easy Halloween decor idea, these simple yarn-wrapped candy corns can add to a charming centerpiece or just be displayed on their own for a whimsical accent. Styrofoam cones and colored yarn make this a super simple project that even kids could help with!

Apothecary Bottles – Oh, these creepy apothecary bottles are perfect! You’ll never guess what they’re made of – plastic pill bottles and hot glue! Make your own spooky bottles with this easy tutorial!

Mice Silhouettes – These cute little paper silhouettes make for some simple decor around the house. Cut them out on a paper cutter or by hand and hide them around the house for a bit of fun.

Shrunken Heads – Who knew that carved and dried apples make for the perfect shrunken heads? Use them for anything – stick them on tree branches or tuck them in planters, you can even float them in cider for a creepy treat!

Mercury Glass Potion Bottles – These faux mercury glass potion bottles are so surprisingly easy to make! The easy-to-follow instructions could be adapted to work on all sorts of bottles for vases for decor that can be used year round.

Head In A Jar – Imagine finding this surprise in your fridge! Guess what, it’s just paper! This quick and easy tutorial comes complete with a head printable for you to use and freak out your friends.

Chicken Wire Ghosts – These are the best Halloween yard decor. Shape them from chicken wire and pain them with glow in the dark paint to create creepy, ghostly figures that haunt your yard at night!

Cheesecloth Spirits – These make for great, haunting party decor. Suspend them from the ceiling or hang them out on  your deck or front porch to freak out your neighbors.

Pumpkin Topiary – This cute pumpkin topiary is a fun addition to your halloween decor. The tutorial is easy to follow and the pumpkins can be painted whatever colors you want!

Haunted Tree – For a serious project, try your hand at creating your own haunted tree! Though labor intensive, this project has a great payoff and a decoration that will last for years!

Spider Web Votive Holder – These cute candle holders would make a great edition to a mantle or centerpiece display. With just yarn and a bit of hot glue you can make these for your own home. Add some googly eyes if you aren’t a fun of spiders and make a mummy instead!

Glowing Eyes – What’s spookier than glowing eyes watching you from the bushes? These are astoundingly easy to make for a fun and create addition to your yard.

Window Monsters – Let your imagination run wild with these fun window monsters! They easily up the creep factor of any house without being too scary.

Black Roses – These roses are gorgeous! Grab yourself some cheap fake roses and dust them with a little bit of black spray paint for a stunning centerpiece addition.

Book Page & Twine Pumpkins – For a classy, more rustic decor we found these cute little pumpkin designs. Easy to follow instructions make this project and fun addition to autumn decor.

Mummy Door – Wrap your door in streamers or toilet paper to create a fun mummy door! This would make a easy and cute treatment for your front door during Halloween.

Wall Bats – These paper bats are super easy and fun to decorate with! Group them on a wall or across the ceiling for some simple and classy decorations.

Metallic & Glitter Pumpkins – Don’t like the mess of carving pumpkins? We hear you, paint pumpkins instead! Giving them a metallic sheen, covering them in glitter, painting them with designs, the possibilities are endless for this project!

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