Fall Mason Jar Projects

If you want to bring an autumnal feel into your home then these 14 ideas will get you in the mood. Pumpkins, acorns, spices and colorful leaves are all featured and will help to create that warm and cozy feel.

Pine Cone Embellished Jars

For a rustic charm that’s hard to beat, why not add these beautifully embellished jars to your Fall decor this year?

Fall Tree “Snow Globes”

Who said that snow globes were just for Christmas time? This one has been given an autumnal twist and the results are stunning!

Caramel Apple In A Jar

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this caramel apple in a jar! It’s the perfect gift for foodies or a weekend treat for the little ones!

DIY Frosted Lanterns

These unique frosted lanterns are a great upcycling project. They’ll create a warm and cozy atmosphere this Fall and, when it gets warmer, you can take them outside to light up your garden!

Give Your Home The Scent Fall

There’s nothing better than that warming, spiced aroma of cinnamon and orange…it will make your home smell just like Fall!

DIY Pumpkin Jars

This is such a fun craft! If you make a few of the mason jar pumpkins in different shapes and sizes, the collection will look brilliant as a table centerpiece.

Hanging Mason Jar Candles

These fantastically simple and elegant candles will add a touch of autumn to your home. They are easy to make and look amazing.

Color Tinted Glass Jars

With this creative project you can give your jars an antique feel that’s perfect for Autumnal-inspired decor!

Mason Jar Leaf Candles

Next time you’re all wrapped up on a chilly country walk keep a look out for some beautiful tonal leaves because, with just a few, you can make something simply lovely!

Mason Jar Pumpkin Cake

What’s not to love about individual servings of dessert? Especially when it’s this deliciously moist and addictive pumpkin cake!

Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

The great thing about these jars is that they’re so versatile and you can change them depending on the season. This style is perfect for fall but you can switch the flowers and wrap different colored ribbons around them for spring, summer and winter!

Wood Sticks Candle Holders

A decorative source of light will always create a talking point!

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

This is a pumpkin for life! Rather than worrying about whether or not your pumpkin will rot, why not re-use this one year after year?

Corn Husk Wrapped Mason Jar Vase

Your holiday table can look elegant with the simple rustic addition of corn husks, twine, vintage mason jars, and some bright blooms!

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