Niffty DIY Serving Trays

They are available anywhere, but since they are so simple and easy to make, why spend money, when you can make a tray that could turn out to be even better then the purchased one? So, in the spirit of crafting and repurposing, we give you our list of top 10 DIY serving trays.

Easy Lucite Tray

Made from clear acrylic box, lucite handles and a changeable bottom this is a fun and simple tray that you can use for just about anything and for any occasion.


Wood Slice Constellation Tray

Why spend money on wooden serving trays when you can buy a slice of a tree trunk that will serve the same purpose but for half the price?Making this tray requires no effort at all, and your quest will be pleasantly surprised when served from this heavenly tray.


Collapsible Leather Tray

You will be hard pressed to find a unique tray like this on the market. Made from several pieces that are attached together with leather, this tray can be conveniently folded in order to fit to the place where you keep it.


DIY Tray From Auto Glass

It looks modern and futuristic, but once men find out what this tray made from they will immediately want one for themselves. Why? Because it’s made from auto glass and pluming parts. A real man’s tray.


Grain Sack Tray

If you’re looking for a complex and elegant serving tray made completely from recycled materials, then you need to take a look at this one made from old picture frame, glass and a grain sack as bottom decoration.


Chalkboard Serving Tray

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